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Title: On Various Matters of Etiquette [Daigo/Utsusemimaru]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17, warning for battle injuries?
Summary: Daigo would have been fine taking Utsusemimaru home just for fun, but it's fine by him if Utsusemimaru wants to teach him about some brave samurai traditions as well.
AN: Spoilers up to about episode 20. So I started watching Kyouryuuger and I ship Red/Gold so much it's pretty ridiculous. Daigo is so much fun! Ucchi's ponytail is so yankable! Also I want his sneakers. And all of this is kira_shadow's fault for falling down the Toku hole and dragging me down with her. Kyouryuuger is super fun and you should watch it!

also I had to do a bunch of research for this, so if you want a good and entertaining article about Samurai on Samurai love, here you go. The title of this is from Saiseki (Silkworm Hatchling), a 1600's manual about these sorts of things.

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26 January 2016 @ 10:37 pm
Despite the crazy snowstorm, I managed to sneak up to NYC just before it hit and hang out with Amy for the weekend. We watched my Kis-My-World DVDs and her Digitalian DVDs. I was super impressed with Arashi's concert by the way; I like them enough but they usually don't impress me. I just thought their concept was super cool and I liked all the songs, and the wifi uchiwa were AMAZING. oh man, I hope other groups start to do that because COOL.

KMW is really good too XD I love those duets so, so much. It's hard to put my finger on a couple things I liked specifically about it -- I just felt like in general it was a much more even concert in terms of a lot of things, that all the members were treated more equally, and that everyone was doing more things that they wanted to do personally. Also i liked this album more in general. Everything felt more like them.

Well and Tamamori and Miyata got married on stage so there is that. It was everything I wanted and more. unlike this batch of Busaikus I just watched, one of which was a student confessing to teacher theme. nooooooooo oh god, that makes me so uncomfortable.

Had a couple days off work because of the snow but I have to go back tomorrow so it's going to be a little painful, haha. I wish i could say I did a bunch of stuff but mostly I crocheted and watched Kyouryuuger (which I sang the theme to successfully at karaoke, weirdo dinosaur names and everything). Sentais are a little goofy, which is why I usually prefer the Kamen Riders, but I'm enjoying this one a lot. Also I enjoy how unambiguous who I am supposed to ship is (Red/Gold, Green/Black, in case you needed to know that).

And x-files started! I watched the first one yesterday and might watch the second one tonight before bed. Are they on some weird schedule or something? Why were there two this week?

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20 January 2016 @ 11:04 pm
I'm supposed to drive up to visit Amy sat-sun, so OFC now it's like oh hey lets have a snowstorm. Unimpressed, Zeus. UNIMPRESSED. Stuff always arrives later than they say, though so I'm kind of hoping I might skate in right under it.

I think Shinchilla is engineering this somehow so I can't leave.

Kira is watching every Toku show under the sun at the moment (the title of this post is one of her comments about Gaim), and so I ended up starting Kyouryuuger, which is the one about dinosaurs. It's fun! Usually I go more for Kamen Rider shows, but I like King and also Ian's shadiness. Plus the song is really catchy.

Class this semester is much more interesting, which is great, but it's also going to be a lot more work, clearly. Better a hard good class than an easy annoying one, but I'm just not sure I have it in me with this school year the way it's been. More than half the students in my class already picked their project topics and books to review and I'm just like, don't you people have jobs?!

I've been crocheting a bunch of these slouchy urban beanies, like I made one for secret santa and now people at school think they're cool or something XD they're super easy and really forgiving, so even if you're a beginning crocheter, you should give it a shot.

okay i am going back to watching more dinosaurs because blooooob.

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At the moment I'm randomly obsessed with these two songs: Sirens by Nieves (that link's to the whole EP because yes) and Forest Fire by Brighton.

I made awesome meatloaf, despite the fact that both intended eaters of said meatloaf flaked out on me at the last second. Actually all 3, because my dad was supposed to come get some and then he backed out too. Well, that's fine. I'll enjoy all the meatloaf myself. Alone. Because chinchillas don't eat that.

Also it snowed! First snow! but it got me out of nothing, though, so not THAT exciting. When we get the first snow day, then i'll be excited.

I started the temperature blanket. After some discussion with lunch group, we realized you would never get to all the colors if you did a whole row, so I decided on 100 stitches in each color. I did the first 11 days worth yesterday to catch up while I mainlined Nurse Jackie (that's kind of ironic). Hopefully that will carry me far enough into summer to need all my colors. It's kind of all a hot mess but cute, though.

First class tomorrow night for new semester and I'm kind of nervous, but by chance we're starting with an author I read with my students all the time, so that should be okay. But seriously, I'm stretched more or less to the max at the moment, so if this class is any more challenging than last semester's (which was zero percent challenging), I don't know what I'm going to do. Cry, I guess. Meanwhile I continue to ceaselessly create new stuff for all of my levels at school in a panicky sort of right-against-the-wire way, which is a skill that nobody appreciates, let me tell you. Lately I despair of ever reaching a point where it's not like this always. Even when I finish making this junk, next year they'll just force me to do something else.

I wrote Seven Days fic over on Shiritori (Go At Your Own Pace) because I'm still not over that kiss scene. Sooooo cute. So nice to have a BL movie that isn't sad or violent or just bizarre.

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This week was Steven Bomb! Oh man, I was so excited for my show to be back!! I sort of wish we were on a regular tv weekly schedule, but ehh, since they're only 11 minutes maybe a week of back-to-back is better than the drag between episodes of full weeks.

Are you watching this show yet?! It has ladies and excellent songs and hijinks and awesome ladies and Steven. Steven is perfect. He gets it from his dad (who in a canonic conversation was told that his problem was that he prefers one gigantic lady to lots of regular ones).

spoiler cut for this week's flail condensed into one post: clod clod clodCollapse )

Ugh it's so flawless uuuuuugh.

Also this week I watched both Seven Days movies, since the second one just got subbed by Aarinfantasy, and oh man. They're a little slow but SWEET and CUTE and oh my god the kissing. The second kissing scene are the best movie kisses everrrrrr. It has a happy ending and nobody dies and nothing weird or violent happens, so I recommend it whole-heartedly to you. The only other BL movie I can name that's no angst/no weirdness is Ai no Kotodama (which I also recommend).

I like kissing so much. I don't know why there isn't a softcore studio that makes tons of money just filming guys having awkward dates and holding hands and kissing and did I mention being awkward. You would have to pay dudes way less to do that than fuck each other, I have to imagine, and I cannot be the only person who would throw so much money at them. (Dear JE you could just film Genki/Jinguji walking around, that would be close enough, because if they are not for serious dating I will eat this pen).

I have to have to finish JE United this weekend, which is like maybe half done, because once school started i was useless. And my online class starts a week late so I even had the week off that, but it didn't matter. Last night I fell asleep for two hours on the floor during chinchilla time, which let me tell you is NOT preferable. Craaaaaash.

I'm going to start a temperature blanket, which is where you crochet a row a day for whatever the temperature is that day, so you get like a crazy rainbow thing at the end. i barely had to even buy any yarn (because I'm a hoarder) so I have 12 colors that are kind of muted rainbow rather than crayony. A friend at school is doing it too, so I used the internet to dig up what the temperature was at noon so far since Jan 1. If my birthday was closer, I'd start from there, but it's not until april so ehh.

I am gonna bake the no knead bread tomorrow, and I hope it doesn't suck because I'm not supposed to be eating bread anyway. But I have all this bread flour I accidentally bought instead of all-purpose.

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01 January 2016 @ 04:49 pm
Happy new year, all. I had the usual new years date:

I meant to post last night around midnight, but I was watching a bunch of Twilight Zones, as is my wont, and then I passed out on the couch. because I don't have real cable anymore I'm netflixing the Twilight Zones and it stuns me that after 30+ years of marathons during new years and July 4ths, there are still some I've never seen. I'm sort of bummed out that once I've netflixed them, that can't happen anymore.

My favorites are the one about the lady in the hospital with the bandages on her face, and the camera that shoots the future, and the creepy doll (who doesn't love that one), and the woman driving who sees the same guy hitchhiking. Oh, and "Room for one more, honey." Any of you guys have any favorites?

I made this sour cream coffee cake from Smitten Kitchen for my dad's birthday cake, but I did it in a bundt pan and it came out like magic. Totally recommend that one. I whipped egg whites myself and everything. Also I got myself a used cookie book (the book is used, not the cookies), and I'm looking forward to trying some new stuff with the crazy mixer.

I should update my website. a lot.

I have a couple more days off from school so I'm planning on doing not that much with other people to try and recharge. Crocheting and writing, ideally. Seems like it's finally going to get cold and stay that way, so I'll just hang out here on my couch. Maybe catch up on Gamushara or Busaiku, or popcorntime a bunch of movies.

Countdown was really good this year ♥ I loved the pair songs, and everybody looked happy. Sorry we didn't get to see Snowman monkeys or Shintarou's first countdown, but ahh, you can't have everything I guess. I hope wherever snowstones and the other older juniors were, they had a good night and saw first sunrise.

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25 December 2015 @ 10:39 pm
Title: For Glad and Golden Hours [Adam/Ronan]
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: Christmas was in three days, and Adam Parrish was a bit frazzled. What do you get the Greywaren who can dream himself anything?
AN: Surprise, Raven Boys fic for Christmas. I'm never quite sure where these guys come from when I'm writing them, and I always end up doing a bunch of weird research for them. This time it was meanings of stones and crystals, and then I got interrupted by having to go to family dinner while all I wanted to do was quick finish the sex scene.

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22 December 2015 @ 01:47 am
Title: Practice Makes Perfect [Asahi/Sugawara]
Rating/Warnings: R for training camp shenanigans
Summary: During Karasuno's week-long training camp in Tokyo, Sugawara and Asahi work on their connection.
AN: Hey, Haikyuu fic! I ship these two so hard and like nobody else seems to? How??? Maybe if I write it, they will come.

Practice Makes Perfect [Asahi/Sugawara, R]Collapse )
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21 December 2015 @ 09:48 pm
Used the KitchenAid to make ALL THE COOKIES this weekend. We did more browned butter coconut, and chocolate with mint chips, and cranberry orange, and the shortbread recipe Juri did on that cooking show the one time, haha. I wonder if Tanaka-mama has any idea a bunch of fangirls use her family recipe all over the place. The stand mixer made everything so easy we were like 'okay what else can we make????'

Then tonight we watched 6-10 episodes of Haikyuu because sometimes sports stuff is okay for mom and I love Haikyuu so much, and she did okay with FREE, and anyway I'm just waiting for Tama's thing to finish up or get close before I try and start it. Asahi and Suga are my favorites, and I can't understand why none of the writers I see around ship them at all.

Here are a bunch of reasons why I do:
*they call each other 'Asahi' and 'Suga' no honorifics. I think Suga's the only one to call him plain Asahi instead of Asahi-san or Azumane.
*Suga going to Asahi's classroom and looming over his desk to beg him to come back
*Suga immediately switching to the Neighborhood Association side to toss for Asahi
*"ASAHI, LET ME TOSS TO YOU AGAIN" "...the toss I've thrown to him so many times"
*"The toss thrown just for me...I lack for nothing..."
*Coach Ukai comments immediately that it's a toss/trust that shows they've practiced it together over and over and over for a long time (dude where is my flashback of this)
*Suga calling Asahi weird nicknames and jabbing him in the side
*they sleep next to each other at training camp (and obvs stayed up WAY too late)
*they're always lurking around in manga panels together, seriously always
*Suga's eyedot and Asahi's manbun (okay this isn't a reason why, I just love them both)

I mean, I see the other pairings and stuff, and I think the 3rd Year trio could be in any combination and I would buy it, but I don't get why there's hardly any of this specific one. It's so cute!

almost break, almost break, almost break...

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lately every day my life is a lot like this:

stayed up till 2am finishing taking my online final get up early go to school early finish scarf that's due for holiday party tomorrow quick try to fix tomorrow's test while class works on today's study guide (x3 because I teach all levels) copy tomorrow's test during lunch drop off scarf with lady eat lunch in ten minutes shit i didn't print AP's test grade half the projects stay after school to help teach students how to arm-knit meet other latin teacher to make new test for next week and new packet for after break then go pick up mugs we painted for new teachers so tomorrow morning I can get up early to go to school early to give people their mugs before morning coffee shop...

I am getting all sorts of shit done, so on the one hand it's satisfying, you feel like "LOOK I DID ALL THE SHIT TODAY ALL OF IT I AM AMAZING." But on the other hand it's like this unendingly so sooner or later I'm just going to drop dead. Today i was so exhausted from sleeping ~3 hours a night all week that every other sentence I would flip all the letters in my words ("Find a good stop to spot in your test"), which my kids think is hilarious but really is a sign of the kind of sleep deprivation where I pass out on my desk during study hall because it's too quiet for too long.

fortunately the other symptom of that much sleep deprivation for me is that everything becomes hilarious. other latin teacher also suffers from this so Thursday nights at the coffee shop, we'll be sitting in the corner just cracking up over verb conjugations and doing effeminate impressions of Caesar ("dear diary, today Vercingetorix was SO MEAN to me...")

but anyway this semester's grad class is done, thank god, and aside from grading next week should be tame because i refuse to back up all my unit tests against break, so projects/work days. And basically all of my Christmas shopping was done kind of early, so I think all that's left is for mom and me to bake cookies this weekend. in my new Boysenberry kitchenaid! I used it to make brown butter coconut cookies last week and holy shit they were good.

FREE Starting Days extended PV and my heeeeeeeeart. I made undignified noises. Grumpy's Haru's little grumpy faces and awkward kids and ahhhhh Rin rinrinrin and "when you believe, then you become a team" fuckkkkkkkk. Sometimes I wish I had learned no Japanese at all because understanding stuff makes it all that much more fafklgljtaklejralja. JUST TAKE MY HEART, DISGRUNTLED SWIMMING TEAM, I DIDNT NEED IT ANYWAY.

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07 December 2015 @ 11:09 pm
*Just finished reading The Man in the High Castle and the end was certainly abrupt. It was fine, I guess? It didn't really seem to make it anywhere, but I guess that's not the point of the alternate history there. I've been watching the Amazon Prime series of it as it goes up, and pretty much everything anybody does is completely different, so I was kind of puzzled by the whole thing

*Caught up reading Haikyuu. I didn't mean to, but I just...did. oops. I still ship Asahi/Suga like crazy and nobody else does, or nobody who writes it does. Booooo. I started a thing, but idk, I like Haikyuu so much that writing in it is hard.

*Made it into the 40s of Kurobase and finally to the end of the second Touhou match, which felt like it took a hundred years. I genuinely dislike when they play that team, and no amount of cute backstory won me over on Aomine's behalf after a dozen+ episodes of him being a tool and having a new ridiculous basketball power every episode.

*Got a Boysenberry-colored KitchenAid mixer and it's so pretty! but I haven't had the chance to actually mix anything in it yet, haha. Soon!

*only 2+ more weeks until winter break. oh man I'm so ready. SO TIRED. But my Christmas Tree is up!

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01 December 2015 @ 03:00 am
Title: Next Stage Mezashite [Junno, KAT-TUN]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for drinking, vague possible drug use, and other illicit partying.
Summary: Junno's birthday starts with his girlfriend breaking up with him, but then his friends fix it (College AU).
AN: I wrote KAT-TUN fic? So somebody tweeted this picture and it just looks so much like KAT-TUN stayed out all night together, the next thing I knew I had written this whole thing. If I only have one more KAT-TUN fic left in me, I'm pretty pleased this is what came out. Title from "12 o'Clock."

Next Stage Mezashite [Junno, KAT-TUN, PG-13]Collapse )
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27 November 2015 @ 11:10 pm
Happy Thanksgiving/Black Friday if you celebrate either of those things. i made pineapple stuffing and chocolate babka, and then ordered a Boysenberry Kitchenaid mixer so the next time I make babka it will not be by hand. For some reason I've bought a lot of weird kitchen stuff in the last two weeks, so now I have a decent food processor and an immersion stick blender and a pizza stone.

it's not quite as bad as last year (not that anything really could be) but I've still been down all week, so doesn't seem like Thanksgiving will return to being a feel-good holiday for me in any near future. Since there's no one here except the chinchilla to care if I just lie face-down on the floor for a while, I guess it doesn't matter.

We finished watching Hotaru no Hikari for drama night and I really liked it. I knew she was going to end up with the manager the whole time, so I wasn't that fussed over the whole other boyfriend thing, except for at the very end when he decided he wanted different life shit right after they moved in together which (go figure) made me intensely annoyed, so i just sat there and stewed quietly while Hotaru thanked him for whatever rather than telling him to go straight to hell. But it ended like I knew it would and it was funny, so I recommend it.

I'm off school for a bit so that's nice, because I'm so tired it's ridiculous. I need to shiritori and tomorrow i'm getting fabric to try and sew myself a dress with the skater dress pattern I picked up, and at some point I'm supposed to go paint pottery with the German teacher. Other than that I see a lot of mainlining Kurobase in my future. I like it okay, but it's no Haikyuu, let me tell you.
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23 November 2015 @ 03:13 am
Title: Consenting Adults [Goto/Adachi]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Once the permanence of the situation sinks in, Goto finds Adachi a 600% improvement over anybody else he's found in his bed in the morning.
AN: Yeah I didn't mean to write 5k of Adachi today but somehow this happened anyway. Oops.

Consenting Adults [Goto/Adachi, NC-17]Collapse )
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16 November 2015 @ 11:26 pm
Title: Every Day is a Start [Kouji/Sakurai]
Rating/Warnings: R
AN: I've had this half-finished for at least two years, but finally I wanted to get to the end of it. It's not canon or anything, so no worries that I've broken half your OTPs or whatever. Honestly idk that anybody will even read this anymore, but I apparently had a lot to say about all the unfinished business between Kouji and Sakurai, and how Kouji is really the only one who ever sees Sakurai's neuroses for what they are.

Every Day is a Start [Kouji/Sakurai, R]Collapse )
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07 November 2015 @ 10:41 pm
long time no see~ oops. this school year is kicking my ass. I've been staying there super late multiple times a week (which you have to understand, i NEVER do) and I still can't catch up. This morning I babysat some standardized testing, which is always easy money, but oh man, getting up that sixth time in a row was brutal. I can't plan anything or go anywhere on the weekends because I know if I don't spend sat/sun basically sleeping my week off and doing work, I will be completely shattered by Tuesday. Even not sleeping in this morning was already probably a bad choice.

So this is gonna be an uneventful year, let me tell you.

Finished a blanket I'd been crocheting for a friend forEVER, finally. It was circular, so the outer rows took a zillion years. I was hoping to knit something for my teacher mentee but honestly I don't see it happening. Maybe I'll go paint some pottery.

I thought about doing NaNo for like about two hours, and I wrote maybe 500 words of the dumb 5*STAR novel that seems like it'll never be done. But I was so burnt out from writing 8k of the halloween fic on Oct 31st that I needed a break, and then see above re: too many things all the time. I had one or two fannish ideas I was batting around too, like how the Hokuto the Little Mermaid fic is clearly going to be long, or a thing about magic I made some notes for but never really started.

I did clean up my room, which had become desperate, and made a bag of donation clothing, and I was very excited to put pairs of pants in there specifically for the reason that they are now way too big for me to wear. YAY. although really I think that just says something horrifying about the size of the pants I had to buy last year. I'm making progress thankfully, but I'm so sick of broccoli being in the little vegetable packets that I could die. and last week my weigh-in was 200.0 and I was like really? really?! you couldn't give me .1 more??? stupid body.

the novelty of making substitute food has also worn off. this week I tried zucchini lasagna, which was surprisingly tolerable, but then making Hamburger Helper with zucchini chunks instead of macaroni was much less of a success.

Finished reading Six of Crows today and I definitely recommend it. It was like the YA/fantasy version of Ocean's 11.

Tiiiiiiired. looking forward to sleeping in late tomorrow.

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31 October 2015 @ 11:55 pm
Title: Voice [Taiga, SixTONES]
Rating/Warnings: R for horror movie scariness. See warning in Part 1.
Summary: Taiga needs vocal lessons when he gets cast in Elisabeth. He gets way more help than he bargained for.

Back to Part 1

Part 2:
Voice, Part 2Collapse )
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31 October 2015 @ 11:50 pm
Title: Voice [Taiga, SixTONES]
Rating/Warnings: R for scariness. See warning below.
Summary: Taiga needs vocal lessons when he gets cast in Elisabeth. He gets way more help than he bargained for.
AN: Halloween fic this this year, posted about midnight? Yay? I've been working on this all week and it topped out at around 19k words, so I'm not even sure this will fit in two posts, ugh.

REAL WARNING: Think Asian horror ghost movie like Ring or Shutter or White. Scary stuff happens to people you enjoy! Character death possible! I don’t want to spoil all the spoils, given the nature of it, but ghosts are involved and they are pissed.

It’s not gory or anything, though, not like crazy serial murder fic or anything, if that’s what you’re worried about. It’s plotty. So…good luck?

Part 1
Voice [Taiga, SixTONES, R]Collapse )
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it got cold finally and I'm really psyched about it. Blankets! hoodies!! summer's fine but i'm too fat for it really and also school is a struggle when it's warm and humid for a variety of reasons. The sooner we get to 'cold enough that I don't have to see so much student skin' the better.

no sugar/no carb continues apace. This week was my monthly luncheon with all the teachers in my hallway and I thought I would just have to give up the day as a loss but honestly it wasn't as hard as I thought to pass on the mac and cheese and the lasagna (it just looked so heavy and ehh it was still too warm). I ate meatballs that I brought, and then some buffalo chicken dip by itself and then some salad. I did break down and have a small piece of the oreo cream cheese pie thing somebody brought, which was the first rule I broke since this started 4+ weeks ago, so I don't feel that bad about it.

This week I haven't even been eating breakfast really? I take a cheesestick most mornings and sometimes I don't even eat it. lately I'm not really hungry half the time, so I guess that's good. Hopefully that will balance out the sugar cheating and I won't stall out for the week. Because I'm so sick of broccoli I could die, so the only thing keeping me going at this point is the surprising amount of week to week progress. Any time I get frustrated I just think about how many times I would otherwise have to go to the gym to lose 4 inches off my hips + how that would have taken 6 months instead of 4 weeks. Since I have no time, none, to even try for the gym, more broccoli it is.

New shiritori round! Still Team leader for Team 3 ( ^_^)b Since tomorrow's Friday I'll hopefully get my team started quickly. I should be starting tonight but I'm supposed to be doing schoolwork and even that isn't happening because I'm so tired.

I have had the fake pop song from last week's Steven Universe stuck in my head for DAYS. Shinchilla is very skeptical of me singing it over and over. have I mentioned every single SU song is amazing. ALL OF THEMMM. I sing Do it For Him all the time.

In other music news, I adore AAO and I can't wait to see either a perf or the PV! It's so bouncy! And so much Miyata! I feel like the vocal balance is way better than usual. And Zig Zag Love was so much fun to watch ♥ so glad they filmed it early in the show run before everybody got run down/injured. Can't wait to see 6T! I'm so proud of all of them at the moment. I hope they get to do lots more stuff in the upcoming year, both groups. although maybe rest up first!

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26 September 2015 @ 12:37 pm
I have so much school work to do so I'm procrastinating by making a post finally.

*school start was okay but this year is so, so much work. I have no idea how first year teachers do it anymore, because I'm ten years in and I'm completely overwhelmed. I've been staying at school late and taking work home, which I never do. I have no idea what normal people do. During our first meeting while our principal was listing all the things we have to do/document, my mentee teacher burst into tears. Here in week four, I'm ready to join her.

*I haven't eaten any sugar or carbs for like 3 solid weeks at this point. it SUCKS. but I'm down 9 lbs and 2-3 inches already so at least something is happening. I did one of those things where they send me all the food so I don't have to pack lunches, which was the actual goal, but surprise, it actually works. Debating ordering one more round of it even though it won't be nearly as cheap as the groupon made it. Since it's all frozen it'll last even if I just use them for lunches.

*Watching How to Get Away with Murder on netflix and I really like it, except for how it seems bent on showing me how all of them are really terrible people. Also (and I can't believe I'm going to say this because a lot of it is dude on dude) there's too much sex. the Law and Order bits of it are so good, I'd much rather have more of that. I'm also watching Person of Interest since 3 seasons dropped on Netflix and I like that a lot too.

*STEVEN UNIVERSE. new episodes and both of them have made me really happy. I'm excited for gem stuff to start, but I have to say that the side character stuff is good too. Sadie's Song with Steven in drag was so perfect XD I hope this show never changes.

*Not that I'm seeing either of them, but Kisumai cons and Shounentachi are both making me so happy. Miyatama wedding, of course, but just how happy they seem and how this tour seems about group unity. I feel like I finally, FINALLY got my kisumai back. And Snow Man and SixTONES both seem to be doing so well with their stage show. It's such a good experience for them, and I know both groups are working as hard as they can to show what they can do. 6T makes me smile every time I see them because they're so happy together. Like Kisumai fought to stay together, kind of, but they didn't fight to even start being a group. I guess T&T is the only thing kind of comparable to that. The change in Taiga especially is shocking; now that he's relaxed he looks and sounds so good. I keep thinking back to Taiga during Kisumai's debut tour and how his voice would be all shaky from nerves. All of them are growing up so well, but Taiga especially, just to see him happy is like a miracle.

Plus new songs for both groups ♥ ugh I almost forgot how exciting it was to get new songs when ebikisu were jrs. I hope we keep getting some going forward, and for Kinpuri too. Sure, it's sad when we lose jr songs because of various things, but I missed having them.

*Shinchilla fully recovered from her squishy poop issue. There were antibiotics which at first I had to hold her down to make her drink out of the syringe but she realized after a few days that it sucked a lot less if she just drank it herself. smart girl! She must have been feeling sick for a bit, because she's a lot more bouncy now. She even let me hold her kind of on her back to cut off a bad fur mat from her belly, which is a pretty big show of trust from a prey animal with abandonment issues.

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