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23 November 2015 @ 03:13 am
Title: Consenting Adults [Goto/Adachi]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Once the permanence of the situation sinks in, Goto finds Adachi a 600% improvement over anybody else he's found in his bed in the morning.
AN: Yeah I didn't mean to write 5k of Adachi today but somehow this happened anyway. Oops.

Consenting Adults [Goto/Adachi, NC-17]Collapse )
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16 November 2015 @ 11:26 pm
Title: Every Day is a Start [Kouji/Sakurai]
Rating/Warnings: R
AN: I've had this half-finished for at least two years, but finally I wanted to get to the end of it. It's not canon or anything, so no worries that I've broken half your OTPs or whatever. Honestly idk that anybody will even read this anymore, but I apparently had a lot to say about all the unfinished business between Kouji and Sakurai, and how Kouji is really the only one who ever sees Sakurai's neuroses for what they are.

Every Day is a Start [Kouji/Sakurai, R]Collapse )
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07 November 2015 @ 10:41 pm
long time no see~ oops. this school year is kicking my ass. I've been staying there super late multiple times a week (which you have to understand, i NEVER do) and I still can't catch up. This morning I babysat some standardized testing, which is always easy money, but oh man, getting up that sixth time in a row was brutal. I can't plan anything or go anywhere on the weekends because I know if I don't spend sat/sun basically sleeping my week off and doing work, I will be completely shattered by Tuesday. Even not sleeping in this morning was already probably a bad choice.

So this is gonna be an uneventful year, let me tell you.

Finished a blanket I'd been crocheting for a friend forEVER, finally. It was circular, so the outer rows took a zillion years. I was hoping to knit something for my teacher mentee but honestly I don't see it happening. Maybe I'll go paint some pottery.

I thought about doing NaNo for like about two hours, and I wrote maybe 500 words of the dumb 5*STAR novel that seems like it'll never be done. But I was so burnt out from writing 8k of the halloween fic on Oct 31st that I needed a break, and then see above re: too many things all the time. I had one or two fannish ideas I was batting around too, like how the Hokuto the Little Mermaid fic is clearly going to be long, or a thing about magic I made some notes for but never really started.

I did clean up my room, which had become desperate, and made a bag of donation clothing, and I was very excited to put pairs of pants in there specifically for the reason that they are now way too big for me to wear. YAY. although really I think that just says something horrifying about the size of the pants I had to buy last year. I'm making progress thankfully, but I'm so sick of broccoli being in the little vegetable packets that I could die. and last week my weigh-in was 200.0 and I was like really? really?! you couldn't give me .1 more??? stupid body.

the novelty of making substitute food has also worn off. this week I tried zucchini lasagna, which was surprisingly tolerable, but then making Hamburger Helper with zucchini chunks instead of macaroni was much less of a success.

Finished reading Six of Crows today and I definitely recommend it. It was like the YA/fantasy version of Ocean's 11.

Tiiiiiiired. looking forward to sleeping in late tomorrow.

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31 October 2015 @ 11:55 pm
Title: Voice [Taiga, SixTONES]
Rating/Warnings: R for horror movie scariness. See warning in Part 1.
Summary: Taiga needs vocal lessons when he gets cast in Elisabeth. He gets way more help than he bargained for.

Back to Part 1

Part 2:
Voice, Part 2Collapse )
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31 October 2015 @ 11:50 pm
Title: Voice [Taiga, SixTONES]
Rating/Warnings: R for scariness. See warning below.
Summary: Taiga needs vocal lessons when he gets cast in Elisabeth. He gets way more help than he bargained for.
AN: Halloween fic this this year, posted about midnight? Yay? I've been working on this all week and it topped out at around 19k words, so I'm not even sure this will fit in two posts, ugh.

REAL WARNING: Think Asian horror ghost movie like Ring or Shutter or White. Scary stuff happens to people you enjoy! Character death possible! I don’t want to spoil all the spoils, given the nature of it, but ghosts are involved and they are pissed.

It’s not gory or anything, though, not like crazy serial murder fic or anything, if that’s what you’re worried about. It’s plotty. So…good luck?

Part 1
Voice [Taiga, SixTONES, R]Collapse )
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it got cold finally and I'm really psyched about it. Blankets! hoodies!! summer's fine but i'm too fat for it really and also school is a struggle when it's warm and humid for a variety of reasons. The sooner we get to 'cold enough that I don't have to see so much student skin' the better.

no sugar/no carb continues apace. This week was my monthly luncheon with all the teachers in my hallway and I thought I would just have to give up the day as a loss but honestly it wasn't as hard as I thought to pass on the mac and cheese and the lasagna (it just looked so heavy and ehh it was still too warm). I ate meatballs that I brought, and then some buffalo chicken dip by itself and then some salad. I did break down and have a small piece of the oreo cream cheese pie thing somebody brought, which was the first rule I broke since this started 4+ weeks ago, so I don't feel that bad about it.

This week I haven't even been eating breakfast really? I take a cheesestick most mornings and sometimes I don't even eat it. lately I'm not really hungry half the time, so I guess that's good. Hopefully that will balance out the sugar cheating and I won't stall out for the week. Because I'm so sick of broccoli I could die, so the only thing keeping me going at this point is the surprising amount of week to week progress. Any time I get frustrated I just think about how many times I would otherwise have to go to the gym to lose 4 inches off my hips + how that would have taken 6 months instead of 4 weeks. Since I have no time, none, to even try for the gym, more broccoli it is.

New shiritori round! Still Team leader for Team 3 ( ^_^)b Since tomorrow's Friday I'll hopefully get my team started quickly. I should be starting tonight but I'm supposed to be doing schoolwork and even that isn't happening because I'm so tired.

I have had the fake pop song from last week's Steven Universe stuck in my head for DAYS. Shinchilla is very skeptical of me singing it over and over. have I mentioned every single SU song is amazing. ALL OF THEMMM. I sing Do it For Him all the time.

In other music news, I adore AAO and I can't wait to see either a perf or the PV! It's so bouncy! And so much Miyata! I feel like the vocal balance is way better than usual. And Zig Zag Love was so much fun to watch ♥ so glad they filmed it early in the show run before everybody got run down/injured. Can't wait to see 6T! I'm so proud of all of them at the moment. I hope they get to do lots more stuff in the upcoming year, both groups. although maybe rest up first!

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26 September 2015 @ 12:37 pm
I have so much school work to do so I'm procrastinating by making a post finally.

*school start was okay but this year is so, so much work. I have no idea how first year teachers do it anymore, because I'm ten years in and I'm completely overwhelmed. I've been staying at school late and taking work home, which I never do. I have no idea what normal people do. During our first meeting while our principal was listing all the things we have to do/document, my mentee teacher burst into tears. Here in week four, I'm ready to join her.

*I haven't eaten any sugar or carbs for like 3 solid weeks at this point. it SUCKS. but I'm down 9 lbs and 2-3 inches already so at least something is happening. I did one of those things where they send me all the food so I don't have to pack lunches, which was the actual goal, but surprise, it actually works. Debating ordering one more round of it even though it won't be nearly as cheap as the groupon made it. Since it's all frozen it'll last even if I just use them for lunches.

*Watching How to Get Away with Murder on netflix and I really like it, except for how it seems bent on showing me how all of them are really terrible people. Also (and I can't believe I'm going to say this because a lot of it is dude on dude) there's too much sex. the Law and Order bits of it are so good, I'd much rather have more of that. I'm also watching Person of Interest since 3 seasons dropped on Netflix and I like that a lot too.

*STEVEN UNIVERSE. new episodes and both of them have made me really happy. I'm excited for gem stuff to start, but I have to say that the side character stuff is good too. Sadie's Song with Steven in drag was so perfect XD I hope this show never changes.

*Not that I'm seeing either of them, but Kisumai cons and Shounentachi are both making me so happy. Miyatama wedding, of course, but just how happy they seem and how this tour seems about group unity. I feel like I finally, FINALLY got my kisumai back. And Snow Man and SixTONES both seem to be doing so well with their stage show. It's such a good experience for them, and I know both groups are working as hard as they can to show what they can do. 6T makes me smile every time I see them because they're so happy together. Like Kisumai fought to stay together, kind of, but they didn't fight to even start being a group. I guess T&T is the only thing kind of comparable to that. The change in Taiga especially is shocking; now that he's relaxed he looks and sounds so good. I keep thinking back to Taiga during Kisumai's debut tour and how his voice would be all shaky from nerves. All of them are growing up so well, but Taiga especially, just to see him happy is like a miracle.

Plus new songs for both groups ♥ ugh I almost forgot how exciting it was to get new songs when ebikisu were jrs. I hope we keep getting some going forward, and for Kinpuri too. Sure, it's sad when we lose jr songs because of various things, but I missed having them.

*Shinchilla fully recovered from her squishy poop issue. There were antibiotics which at first I had to hold her down to make her drink out of the syringe but she realized after a few days that it sucked a lot less if she just drank it herself. smart girl! She must have been feeling sick for a bit, because she's a lot more bouncy now. She even let me hold her kind of on her back to cut off a bad fur mat from her belly, which is a pretty big show of trust from a prey animal with abandonment issues.

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18 September 2015 @ 01:27 am
Title: Whatever Floats Your Boat [Juri/Shintarou]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13? non-graphic mention of mermen eating people.
Summary: Merman Juri saves Shintarou's life, and somehow they end up together even though Shintarou can only visit on summer vacation and Juri's friends are dangerous sirens.
AN: Merman AU! This was supposed to be about Hokuto turning human because he likes Kouchi and Juri/Shintarou's flashback took over the entire fic until it was 8k of nothing but them. I haven't even started Hokuto's part, fml. oops? I cannot remember why Midori and I have been bullshitting in chat about mermen for like 3 weeks now, but she says it has to do with sexy mermen pictures on tumblr. Then I did seahorse research since the dudes keep live babies in a real womb thing and we decided that's why mermen have bellybuttons. honestly it's been a strange couple weeks.

Whatever Floats Your Boat [Juri/Shintarou, PG-13]Collapse )
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24 August 2015 @ 01:09 pm
kids start late, actually, but i set up all my trainings back to back to with my year-start days because of all the insanity this summer, so today is the last day of being not on school schedule. I sort of am back on a better schedule, but that includes passing out on the couch for no reason as if exhausted even though i've been doing basically nothing. but I also seem to be sort of sick, since I've had a sore throat for a solid week. I broke down and went to the patient care place near me yesterday morning. I wish it would stop, though, it's excruciating and nothing helps it.

I've been writing a decent amount at least, for shiritori anyway. It seems to involve Reia a lot at the moment, which I blame on the cuteness of him in person. I can't wait to watch whatever part of the finals Gamushara decides to televise, even if I'm more sure than ever that it's not a real competition. There's so much cool stuff going on this fall too, Kisumai cons and Shounentachi especially. It's a bummer I can't go to any of it (and didn't manage to see kisumai at all while I was there), but I'm happy SixTONES and Snowmen are getting to do stuff and I hope it helps them grow. Sounds like Snowmen, Kawai, and Kitayama had a great time in Singapore! I bet Kawai and Mitsu were super happy to work together again.

Catching up on seasons 4/5 of My Little Pony on netflix since I fell behind. It's still really cute~ not as much fun music in season 4, but I get that's expensive and stuff. Guess I've been spoiled by Steven Universe. I should do a rewatch of the second half of that before new episodes start too. It's a lot easier to just keep netflixing stuff though. And I'm not done catching up with Dr. Who either.

JE FQF has started posting! 6 fics are up so far and there's a bunch of days left of posting, so go enjoy that if that is your thing. a pretty good scattering of bands too (Arashi, HSJ, KAT-TUN, SixTONES and Jrs so far).

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21 August 2015 @ 02:19 am
me: okay listen school stuff starts next so we need to normalize. please?
body: normal? Normal is passing out on the couch from 9-midnight, forcing chinchilla time to start at midnight, and then having some kind of terrible stomach woe at 2am, right? right?
me: ......nnnnnnno.

Shinchilla had a vet adventure today. She's had a sticky poop thing going on for nearly a week now, so I broke down and made a vet appointment. But she's still eating and acting normally, so the vet said to just ride it out for a little bit longer if it doesn't seem to be getting any worse. We can do antibiotics if it's still going on next week, but that's likely to cause more stomach distress. Anyway, I bought a carrier to take her there and she was emphatically NOT pleased about being inside there. We waited ages and she kind of tired herself out though, so when the vet finally did see her, Yuri let the vet pick her up and feel around and stethoscope her with next to no fuss, and the vet praised me for having a really well socialized chinchilla who was used to being handled properly. That really meant a lot to me, given how it took like 18 months of chinchilla training/bonding to get there.

Boo end of summer. We start school late this year since Labor Day is so late, so I have some extra time but it's never enough, haha. My department has a bunch of new people so I'm a mentor again. I went in for a little bit today but it's so hot in the building yet and uuuugh so honestly I looked at my room and then turned back around. Feh. It was enough just to go in and say hi to everybody I ran into. baby steps.

I decided I was going to be Rose Quartz for halloween and basically have my entire costume at this point, sans maybe shoes, because it's like a tiered white-to-pink skirt and then a Mr. Universe T-shirt. I'm thinking about letting my hair grow out until then so I can do better sausage curls. I have a pink half-wig but I'm debating doing anything with the rest of my hair, like dying it or chalking chunks of it or idk. but, you know, school, so I can't do anything that'll be crazy on either side of halloween. ...probably. honestly I have questions about if anybody cares what I do there lol. debating having my next hair appointment right before halloween and getting chunky pink lowlights instead of my usual red ones.

relatedly, come on with new steven universe episodes already! I'm so ready!! esp given that on a normal schedule instead of a steven bomb we'll only get one new one a week.

now at 3am I am super awake. come on, body, why.

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17 August 2015 @ 02:24 am
Title: Bara Bara no Jigsaw [SixTONES (full group, gen)]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Even if all six of them have outgrown their Bakaleya days, there's no reason that they can't keep growing until they find a way to fit back together again.
AN: Repost of Wakamono fic. For elindar, who wanted "some general Bakaleya6 centric fic, maybe about what's happened with them lately and how they feel about being together again." Bet you didn't expect them to get a name suddenly after you left that prompt, but fortunately for you, that's how this fic was born. Initial interview with Hokuto and Taiga translated here and Taiga's comments more recently here were the inspiration for the title.

Bara Bara no Jigsaw [PG, full group, gen]Collapse )
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16 August 2015 @ 04:53 am
Title: Teamwork [Juri, Jesse]
Rating/Warnings: PG, gen
Summary: Juri has some feelings about the summer split, but Jesse helps him sort them out.
AN: Set kind of loosely after the pair of Gamushara shows I saw where Ra beat Ga in both matches. Juri seemed kind of frustrated about missing his first back-dunk, and some other stuff too. Clearly I don't know what exactly he feels like about any of this, but I do know that all of 6T is really glad to have each other to come back to in the end, so this is what came out. Also I may or may not have googled some tiny Hip Hop JUMP Juri and Jesse for the purposes of feelings.

Teamwork [Juri, Jesse, PG]Collapse )
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12 August 2015 @ 04:31 pm
Since I had a long flight just the day after, I wrote down all my feelings. It's a lot of what I think about stuff that happened/people I saw rather than a concrete list of what happened, but in case anybody's interested, here you go.

Ga vs Ra!Collapse )

Also there was quite a bit of obvious SixTONES fan gear/representation, which makes sense given the two teams we saw, but I was glad to see it anyway. I really, really hope Shounentachi goes well for both SixTONES and Snow Man this year and that SixTONES can start building up some momentum again. I think having Gamushara back to back with Shounentachi is probably a good lead-up activity in terms of that, given the distribution of audience support/yelling that I witnessed for 6T members vs non-6T.
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07 August 2015 @ 09:57 am
due to continued unforeseen disaster I'm stuck in Sasebo for a few hours so I guess have some kind of update.

Florida stuffCollapse )

tokyo stuffCollapse )

Second day we went to Kiyomizudera, which is my very favorite, first thing in the morning, and then out to Karumazakijinja, the temple they took Yasui to on Gamushara, where entertainers go to pray for their careers and they can buy a red fence post with their name on it. It took a lot of hunting to find Yasui, and on the way I turned up Shin, Yugo, Juri, and Taiga all together:

Daigo, Fukka, and Genki were right there too so I guess they went in a group ♥ If you don't mind the trip out, it's a nice little shrine.

Sasebo, Nagasaki, and capybaraCollapse )

But then in the middle of the night Dad had a serious vertigo attack (he's had a few of them in the last month or so) and he was up all night puking. He finally kept down some medicine this morning, but it's 11am and it doesn't seem to be doing anything. The hotel is letting us do late check-out until 1, but we can't stay here since they're full for the night. I have no idea how we're going to get to Kagoshima, or anywhere, when dad can't even stand for 5 minutes.

I probably need to go find myself some food or something. I'm tired of being in charge.

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Wrapping up summer class -- final essay done and I did about as much research as I intend to do to write the longer paper. I was hoping to have started writing some of it today before heading home tomorrow but that...didn't happen. Class itself was fine, although the topic didn't really excite me at any point. The prof was nice and entertaining enough that long class hours were not a problem, but I was mildly distressed over how young he was.

Surprisingly my adviser suggested I skip next summer and spend it reading, but idk. If the topic sounds interesting I kind of want to get these summers out of the way, but if it's something like this where it's really not my bag, maybe I'll take her suggestion. Also I have to learn German and something else, probably French. Pretty sure fangirl Japanese will not count. Also i really want to take both spring classes and I really shouldn't do that. Whyyyyy.

Magic birthday happened, so Hasshi is 22 and Shintarou is 18. That is craziness! Why is that happening! ON MY WALL YOU ARE STILL BABIES. seriously though I need a new together birthday shoot more than most other things. I'm also not over how Juri and Hokuto are 20 and legal adults. Noooo.

So I mainlined the entirety of Steven Universe and you should too. I know it looks dumb and Adventure Time-y, and for the first couple episodes it doesn't seem that intelligent, but ugh that's just an innocent front so you aren't prepared when it starts ripping pieces of your heart off one at a time. It's also very difficult to explain why you really need to watch it without spoiling anything, but I will try:

Several reasons you need to watch Steven Universe
1. First cartoon on Cartoon Network created, written, and run by a lady (Rebecca Sugar). It shows in the exceptional pacing of the story and the surprisingly emotional content.
2. Episodes are only 10 minutes so it doesn't take long to catch up. I youtubed all of them but there are a bunch on Hulu and Cartoon Network has some full episodes too.
3. Nearly all the main characters are female and aside from Steven himself (whose powers come from his mother), all of the characters with special powers are female.
4. It has a clear and well-paced narrative arc done so thoughtfully that when I rewatch even very early episodes, junk that I thought was totally random is really not random at all.
5. The show is always fun and sweet. As Steven starts to understand the backstory of the gems, some things are dark and sad, and characters sometimes hurt each other in a realistic way, but because Steven himself is such an optimistic character, that becomes a strength of the show rather than a drawback.
6. Ladies kiss in this show! To be real, I'm stunned Cartoon Network is airing this as is. In general, I'm so pleased with the representation of alternate family structures, various relationship types, even the design of the characters. I had a moment where I realized I could cosplay Rose Quartz because her body type is just like mine. That's never happened before.

I could keep going but I'll stop. Basically SU has wrecked my life for about two weeks now and all I want to do is talk about it or force somebody to watch it so that I can watch them creepily as they watch it. Wait, no, I do have one more.

7. There's music, they sing. Not a lot, only when it fits in really nicely, and the music is all great. I've been singing a couple of the songs to myself all week. And Steven wrote the theme song for the gems on his ukelele.

So you should watch it! A lot. Right now. At least until you get to the one where they make fun of my state's square pizza, lol. (Steven's dad: "Son, there will come a time when you learn to accept all pizzas.")

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13 July 2015 @ 01:08 am
Title: Born Under the Same Star [Shintarou, Hashimoto]
Rating/Warnings: G, gen
Summary: In some universe somewhere, Shintarou and Hashimoto are the same age and form a cute duo unit thanks to their shared birthday. (AU)
AN: There is indeed a birthday shoot with these two when Hasshi is turning 15 and Shintarou is turning 11 (it's up on my wall), and I hope someday we get a grown-up retake of it. I think this is either Eri or Midori's fault, although I can't remember with who I started bullshitting about it. Happy early magic birthday, you two. I definitely hope the two of you get whatever birthday wishes you make this year.

Born Under the Same Star [Shintarou, Hashimoto, G]Collapse )
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29 June 2015 @ 09:52 pm
It's that time of year again -- the annual pilgrimage to FL is this weekend.

As last year, I'm open to any music recs people have from this year. American/Western pop or rock, jpop or jrock, kpop or krock, I'm pretty open to suggestions. Especially western stuff because honestly, aside from playing Pandora in my classroom it's what I have the least exposure too. Full albums are easiest, but hey, whatever.

For sure I'm taking the new Kisumai album, new Jin album, and new JUMP album. Anything I'm missing? I might be an OOR album behind too actually.

Anybody know how much data it uses to stream pandora on my phone? Dad will be along for the drive back and I can burn a bunch of 60's whatever for him, but if I can stream it I'd just as soon not. My data isn't limited, though, I share with my family so I need some sense of whether that's feasible or what.

I also had a migraine that went the entire way down my face today, very suddenly, which has never happened before. Thank you for that, the pill, as usual you take all of my irritating symptoms and make them four times worse. I also appreciate the acne and the weight gain! Thank you!

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26 June 2015 @ 11:43 am
Dad wanted to know where the Apple store was after his laptop's close brush with power cord failure this week, so I'm looking at the 15-in macbook pros. Honestly I'm probably going to stick with the 13" screens forever -- I just would rather drop the money into the memory.

Also this keyboard is super weird. And I'm not huge fan of this Yosemite's minimalistic no texture stuff either. The dock looks like something I would have designed in my computer art class about ten years ago.

I had iHop, though, blueberry lemonade summer pancakes. And next is Teavana and then Lush. It's a good thing this mall is like 40 minutes away from home.
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23 June 2015 @ 09:45 pm
I saw Jurassic Park a few days ago with my dad and totally enjoyed it. Good summer action. Plus dinosaurs! I was amused by all the references to the original park that they stumbled over and also found neither the kids nor the lady annoying. I did miss Ian, though.

Then I went with my parents to see Inside Out, which was on the one hand much better than I thought that it would be. Honestly if it weren't Pixar I would have assumed it was going to be kind of terrible, so they outdid my expectations. Lewis Black as Anger is pretty genius. But on the other hand I struggled the whole movie to move past how I felt that Sadness was basically animated me. She even kind of looked like me. Also the way she kept apologizing for being sad/making everyone else sad too, yeah. Bits of it were pretty weepy too. Sigh.

I did some work on the grad paper I was supposed to edit for possible publication, the most tedious part of which was collecting some articles to cite. Not because I needed them in the paper, but because my professor was like it has to look like that to be published "because people in academics are dumb." I have some stuff to read now, and I think the methodology paragraph I wrote is okay. I'm not sure? I've never written an article for publication so idk what exactly it's supposed to sound like. "I read all these plays and picked out the bits where ladies talk to each other." Right? Idk.

Almost at the end of Clone Wars on Netflix, which means I guess I will start Rebels after that. It's total trash that all these people die. They're all great! Mace Windu's faces are the best thing in this show. I think I might rewatch the movies before I head down to FL in a couple weeks.

Also TsumTsum and i are on a break because I only own like 2 premium Tsums and I saved coins all week to pick up a new one rather than try to finish getting the regular ones...only to get one I already have. COME ON. I hate how that only does half a skill and not a whole skill, like be serious. Meanwhile PazuDora is on drugs this week and now you can pick up Hera Ur-Senpai or Student Body President Lucifer.

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19 June 2015 @ 09:35 pm
Shinchilla has decided that her pumice perch has personally offended her and must be chewed to tiny pieces and then the destruction rolled upon mightily. She's been going at that hard for about 3 nights now. Also something happened while I was gone for a week and she's been making guinea pig noises at me. Quiet ones, but recognizably guinea pigs noises. And my dad trained her to be picked up quasi-normally in a week, which feels like a miracle.

I am home safely, clearly, and there was a lot less airport disaster on the way back than on the way to my event, which just figures. I submitted all my reimbursement paperwork and with that all done, I am officially on summer break! Well, kind of. I go to Florida for my summer class in only about 2 weeks and then there's maybe 10 days between FL and Japan, so. This summer is kind of a thing. Oh and I had mentor training yesterday, which is probably going to be totally necessary since I keep getting text messages from people who are quitting my building.

This morning I had follow-up lady doctor visit which I will cut for non-graphic TMICollapse )

tldr I have to go pick up pills tomorrow and i guess figure out when a good time to start them would be.

I finished reading Scorpio Races, which I thought was okay, but I was annoyed by the abrupt ending and some of the stuff in the resolution too, and it didn't move me nearly so much as the Raven Boys books. I haven't decided which other YA thing to start out of the stack. I was thinking about Shiver, which I've owned forever, but I think I should read something else in between since my feelings were so mixed at the end of Scorpio.

also I have to finish my cousin's dumb wedding blanket like immediately. And probably do some reading for my summer class.

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