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All of Dad and my hotel rooms for Japan are booked! Holy crap that was a struggle. There were too many places and too many options, and on top of that default Japan hotel is double bed, mostly, which I assure you my father and I cannot fit on comfortably. In a few spots I looked into hostels, but the male/female gender difference thwarted me there as well. So I could have done it much cheaper if I were on my own/with mom, but on the other hand everything is near a train station and I spent less on 5 nights in Tokyo than the last time I spent 2 in a hotel in NYC. so I feel accomplished.

I will hopefully even get to see a day's worth of Gamushara! not quite the concert announcement I was hoping for, but still cool. Last summer was way more fun and interesting than I would have thought, so I hope the stuff they get to do this year will be good too. Looks like I'll be shooting for the hokuto/shintarou team vs the Jesse/Juri team, which is the only day that fits into my schedule more or less. Conveniently those are the two teams I want to see most!

i took a half day off work Friday because I have the worst headcold in humanity and I couldn't take it anymore. Worse than the cold itself is the fact that I can't sleep at all; for like four nights now I wake up every hour because my throat hurts or I can't breathe or I'm having an allergy attack at 4am (like last night). so at this point i'm basically destroyed. I can't make even small decisions, like being able to dress myself for work, and I cry for no reason a lot. i was supposed to drive down to 3bro's for the long weekend for korean BBQ and there was no chance of that happening so I was really cranky about that yesterday.

My parents came over for the first round of practice chinchilla time. I thought for sure she would just hide behind the couch the entire time, but she was super friendly??? I was like, really, who are you and where is my chinchilla? she thought my dad's shoelaces were great and in the end even hopped into my mom's lap and let mom pet her. Math teacher friend also agreed to come over a few times before school ends, because upon reflection I think getting the chinchilla used to the idea that various other people might come over here would be better. And really, she's been a million times better behaved for me the last few months? 6 months ago just getting her out of the cage was a struggle and now when I reach in there she rolls over for chin scratches. But I just thought that was, you know, me. I didn't for a second think that I might have actually fixed the chinchilla.

Gosh just think how much earlier this would have happened if I had understood that I would be doing all the chinchilla training right at her moment of purchase. hm. anyway hopefully the poor animal has had enough stability all year that she doesn't think that I've abandoned her when I go away, which last year she clearly did think.

Then I started playing Pokemon Rumble and can I just say how pleased I am that Gamefreak went the free but limited play route on there, like candy crush or whatever? I have to believe that makes them more money in the end. On the other hand the demo for Mario Puzzles and Dragons was kind of like useless, but since I already play regular Pazudora I guess it's not like I need a demo.

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19 May 2015 @ 09:32 pm
Meant to post all last week about spending the weekend in NYC with Amy and Brina (do you guys even have LJs anymore), and then meeting up with [personal profile] musikologie, but I was so exhausted all week it never happened. New karaoke buddies though!! also Japan Fest was fun and I saw several seconds of the heads of half a dozen members of AKB48.

I joined Fresh20 the other day and today I went to the grocery store for the first time with it. The premise is that they give you a weekly plan for 5 dinners and the ingredients overlap in such a way that you only have to buy 20 things total. I have some issues with its estimated cost (like really, I can't buy a single sausage even if that's what I need? be real) but this week's stuff sounded good, and I loved the one page printable grocery list split up by store section. I made sausage-squash-tomato flatbread for dinner tonight and both mom and I thought it was great.

I just wanted to do something different since I'm making exactly zero progress on the weight front. I'm willing to try new vegetables and things, so why not. there's an accidental capture of me in the yearbook where I look like a giant blueberry and it's so embarrassing.

speaking of my body's failure, apparently I am sick. My throat started hurting yesterday and I've been taking a lot of advil cold and sinus today, which made the all-day training I was at an even bigger struggle than it was already going to be. compounded by the fact that other (other) Latin teacher just proposed to her longtime girlfriend. well whatever. eventually i'll probably learn to cope. with anything.

At least JE has been surprisingly accommodating lately. I'm still really happy for SixTONES, and it's fun to talk about stuff like member colors on tlist. And bless you Taki for letting us have the naming announcement on TakiCHANnel! Tonoooooo. Ebi's album is totally nice, and I haven't watched the stuff yet because too busy, but I'm more proud of them every single release. I especially like Tottsu's solo ♥ And Snowmen were backing for them on their Music Japan perf and in their PV, which is amazing. Kisumai duets!!! It's not until forever, but it's just the best thing ever that that is happening. I'm really proud of them too.

Also JEFQF changed hands and so I signed up. I was relieved about it, and relieved I wasn't the only one. I wasn't so sure about kink format because it's not a thing I'm especially into, but then the principle of the thing won out, so I just went for it.

I started booking hotels for dad and I in Japan in August and honestly I only have one nailed down. I'm worried I'll book something and then we'll decide to do things in a different order, or idk, anything. When I go by myself I don't feel that much pressure about it, but I'm nervous taking him along too. We ordered our rail passes at least. And I'm so busy with the end of school I don't have a lot of time to sit and focus on it either. Every day I think "shit I have to X" but only at a time when I can't do it at that moment and then I forget later. I've had my fingerprint paperwork in my bag for weeks! Weeks! But everyday I forget when I'm at school. It's a bad, bad scene.

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yeah here's a bunch of stuff, idk.

Baka6 has a unit name! Even though 6Tones is kind of JE-kei dweeby, I'm so happy for them, and happy that Taiga has been sneaking into Crea as much as his schedule allows. Somebody tweeted about them being able to say "Our name is...6TONES" now and then I cried because ugh these tiny kids are growing up so much. If just getting a name makes me cry, anything more is going to be USELESS WRECK. Given how much I cry over Ebi, it maybe be too much.

Saw Age of Ultron tonight and it was a bit slow at first but I was satisfied in the end. They're such a good cast, and I love how the movies build on earlier ones and expand relationships. We also got just a TEENY bit more of BFF Cap and Natasha, which was my favorite part about Winter Soldier, really. And Thor talked like Thor, yessss. I think I still liked the first Avengers much better as a cohesive whole, but this one was worth my 3D money, for sure.

I am so wrecked this week because of the dumb Latin Festival, but it's over for another year, and I didn't have to even kill anyone. One year there will be a year where we aren't embarrassing and nothing makes me cry, but this year was not it. SOME DAY. I overslept really far Wed morning and then today I was practically falling asleep on my desk. I'm not sure this weekend will be enough, ugh. so close to the end of the year. SO CLOSE.

at dinner recent breakup friend was talking about how she's been super low and irritable and has to talk herself into doing everything, and how she keeps telling herself it's fine to be sad and it'll pass. I just sat quietly while everybody else was encouraging her because I don't feel like, for me, that it is ever going to pass. Mostly I just wish I would eventually stop caring as much about it, which feels a lot more realistic than thinking anything will be different some amount of time later. 2005 = alone on floor watching anime, 2015 = alone on floor watching anime with chinchilla, I somehow doubt 2025 will reveal shocking change. Shinchilla will still probably be here, really.

anyway. whatever. super excited to do as much nothing as possible tomorrow. And i have some of the apple cider soy wings I made leftover from last night, which were amazing.

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15 April 2015 @ 02:42 am
Title: Hell Yes [Baka6]
Rating/Warnings: G, gen group fic
Summary: Shintarou demands they all go out for dinner, and Juri is amused by his lack of subtlety.
AN: April 14th is the anniversary of the first episode of Bakaleya airing, so I just wanted to toss out some quick fic about that. I love these guys, and I hope they have an awesome time at Crea this summer. Title like HELL NO except yes XD.

Hell Yes [Baka6, G]Collapse )
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Somehow I spent all night with my mother at a Chinese cultural performance. she pitched the idea yesterday morning when I was leaving the lady doctor's office to go back to school and I was too depressed at that moment to do anything besides just keep saying "okay" so that she would get off the phone. sidenote: i was dutifully probed (who on earth thought internal ultrasounds would be better, jesus christ) and they said everything is normal and long story short I'm giving up on this whole lady doctor thing, as previously mentioned.

I tore through the rest of the Raven Boys canon and then read like every explicit Adam/Ronan fic on Ao3 and some on Tumblr, because yes. At first I was just pleased they were super shippable but then halfway through DT I was like...wait, is this actually happening? And then by LB I had noticed a lot of parallel narrative between Blue and Gansey, and then Adam and Ronan, so. I am excite. I gather from the interwebs that Stiefvater has been hinting at writing kissing and stuff. It would be super awesome if the series gained enough traction over the summer that the last book would have a midnight party. I miss those.

And then I wrote fic. I wrote like one fic and three halves. It's been about a zillion years since any fandom made me want to write really abruptly like that, and then I actually did it, so that's nice. Also people on Ao3 seem mildly excited about that which hasn't happened for a zillion years either. I'm scared to hope it will last longer than three seconds. I'm just going to keep writing as much fic as I can while it lasts.

I recognize that I'm disproportionately distressed by the breakdown of commenting/interaction/communicative whatever in fandom, but like, you don't understand. My RL friends keep leaving/getting married/quitting, and I didn't have that many to start with. Fandom is the thing that's been covering up my inability to get somebody to date me or even be in-person friends for the last, idk, 15 years? So being sad fandom moved to twitter and then tumblr feels exactly like when my RL friends go away -- you can't be like "no don't get married or go back to school or have that baby you can't leave me," there's nothing you can do about it. Equivalently I realize that it's not ideal to have some amount of self-worth tied into how much attention writing gets me, but... it's not coming from anywhere else, and it hardly ever does, so. I just need intensely for fandom to stop feeling like it's left me behind too.

Also my birthday is next weekend and my mother keeps asking questions about what I want to do, and the answer is nothing, especially not put up with all my brothers and my nephew. I don't especially feel like celebrating how until probably always my birthday is now the anniversary of the last time I could coerce somebody into having quasi-unwilling sex with me. Nor do I especially want to explain that to my mother.

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11 April 2015 @ 05:20 pm
Okay, more quick exchange business! So I meant to give it a week off and then failed at life this week, so it was more like two. But that is okay! So this round will still run 4 weeks, let's say April 15-May 15.

I think in a going forward sense, 4 week thing with 1-2 weeks off is probably a good length to still be quick turn around but not so fast it's annoying, right? Definitely let me know if you have any thoughts about that.

So I was thinking like prompt fill, but maybe kind of free form? so if you want to write this time, leave a comment with the following:

3 pairings/single characters/bands (ex: Senga/Nika)
3 a-kun/b-kun type prompts (ex: A-kun is too shy to confess to B-kun)
3 random one word prompts (ex: pineapple)

And then you can kind of mix and match bits of people requests. Sound okay? Actually I kind of think if you want you could leave a couple comments with a different set of 3x3. Make sense?
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Title: Hotter Than the Sun, Sweeter Than Spring [Ronan/Adam]
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: Out in the sun-warm grass of the Barns, everything is funny, and Ronan makes Adam wish that it would always be summer.
AN: Look! I wrote actual fic! And have parts of a bunch of others! What even is this. Title from a line one of the dozens of Pynch fics I read over the last two weeks, but goodness I couldn't tell you which one. Also I really need an RB icon instead of using Hato-kun here.

Set in between Dream Thieves and Lily Blue, but no particular spoilers for LB I don't think? Vague mention of the cows.

Hotter Than the Sun, Sweeter Than Spring [Ronan/Adam, R]Collapse )
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02 April 2015 @ 10:40 pm
4 of us ended up participating, which is great! Here's what turned up:

Ai no Beat - Tamamori/Miyata, NC-17 by orangegreenlove

Changes in the Name of the Moon (Werewolf AU) - R-ish, Hokuto, Yokoo, Goseki, Kawai by aleena_mokoia

Sweet Darkness - Akito/Shige, NC-17 by orangegreenlove

Hidemari (Sunny Spot) - R, Taiga/Jesse by mousapelli

I'm Not Gonna Taiko a Love Song - Kitayama/Senga, PG by mousapelli

Next Round: So I was thinking about doing a prompt-fill round just for something totally different? Also I don't want to burn people out so I was going to give it a week before trying to set up the next thing.

If you have a suggestion for this round, or just are interested, comment here. Also if you have something else you wanted to finish, comment here as well and I will add you to the post.
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Title: I'm Not Gonna Taiko a Love Song [Senga/Kitayama]
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: Senga needs more excitement in his university life (au).
AN: Written for the quick March exchange for dancerdreams2. It just turned out sort of cute, but I hope you like it anyway.

I"m Not Gonna Taiko a Love Song [Senga/Kitayama, PG]Collapse )
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01 April 2015 @ 01:15 am
Title: Hidamari [Jesse/Taiga]
Rating/Warnings: R
Summary: Taiga thinks that Jesse could have his pick of better practice partners, but Jesse isn't having any of that.
AN: Written for orangegreenlove for the March mini-exchange thing. Fic title from "Bokura no Asa," the song that Jesse and Taiga wrote together and sang at Gamushara J's Party Vol 8.

Hidamari (Sunny Spot) [Jesse/Taiga, R]Collapse )
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29 March 2015 @ 10:19 pm
I had to clean like every last thing in the apartment today because it was guinea pig day plus I hadn't done anything like swiffer or clean the tub for ages. That ate up most of my day since I didn't crawl out of bed until like 1pm and ached all over, but the irony is that when I already feel terrible is when I tend to do stuff like that because I'm already at FML threshhold.

Spent all yesterday in NYC with school friends, and we walked endlessly plus as usual I end up with a bunch of stuff from UNIQLO to haul around, which is why my shoulders are killing me. We had fun -- I dragged them to the Sunrise Mart for lunch and then the Kino's, then we did like Disney Store and I got a big Stitch TsumTsum. In the end we had Korean BBQ and then went to real Karaoke at the new Duet on 35th. Both of them were surprisingly into it, which is how we ended up not getting home until 1am. Which wouldn't have been serious at all for me except that I then had to start Chinchilla time so it was a looong night.

Speaking of Shinchilla, her new trick is to yank the flower decals off the wall and then get mad when they're stuck all over her. You can't eat those! Leave them alone!!

I did manage to read up to chapter 10 of Raven Boys 2 this afternoon, and I am definitely enjoying Ronan's POV as I had guessed that I would. As someone with a weird high-maintenance pet I enjoy him and his bird. I also ship him and Adam just a little harder with each passing chapter, especially after canon statements like the line about how Ronan dreams about Adam sometimes. I have some odd ideas I want to write about, but even if I didn't have other fics that have to be done in the next couple days, I want to wait until I'm at least done reading 2 or else I'll surely do it all wrong.

Shit I need a Raven Boys icon. I forgot how hard it is to be in a fandom that doesn't have visual stuff!

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26 March 2015 @ 12:17 am
Somehow I wrote Raven Boys fic for shiritori? So I reposted it on Ao3 if any of you are interested in it. It's vague Adam/Ronan and only like 800 words, but hey, tada.

I went to see Taiko drumming tonight and it was amazing. So energetic and fun. I dragged my parents along and I think they had fun too.

Also new x-files episodes. YES PLEASE. man that is amazing news.

I continue to try and watch Kurobase, but I tend to fall asleep in the middle of each episode so it's a slow process.

Ugh it's already so late. This weeeeeeeek. I'm so tired and it simply won't end, god.

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24 March 2015 @ 07:54 pm
OKAY YES LET'S TALK ABOUT RAVEN BOYS BOOK 1 AND HOW I NEED TO BUY 2 TOMORROW AFTER SCHOOL. I literally just went out and bought it. Also a pineapple tote bag. Because pineapples.


actually before spoilers, I was so annoyed that the Latin was bad. Just get somebody to do it for you! whyyyyyyy. I would have totally accepted that their Latin was bad, because high school students, except Gansey made such a deal over Ronan's being good, and also the trees' Latin was bad too. Noooooo. Get an editor!! HIRE ME.

Aside from being distressed aesthetically, I was distressed because now it will feel out of character to write them having good Latin, but otherwise I have to write bad Latin myself. nooooo. I'm hoping in the second book they get a new Latin teacher and suddenly realize their old teacher was shit. Because he was.


So yes. GUSH AT ME. but watch it please because I haven't started 2 yet (well, I read the first bit about the weird plane but then I stopped because I have to get some writing done).

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23 March 2015 @ 05:50 pm
I was going to write but ugh have a post.

Instead of having a nice low-key evening to try and write some of this junk (shiritori whyyy) I had to drive like four towns over and now i'm waiting for "can't ever make it to a meeting" latin teacher to drop off some of their projects for Latin festival. I have a list of junk on my desk that I have to do that's about a page long, and every part of it that I do generates a couple other things. I did go over to the rental office and complain about my electric bill failure, and I think I might actually get some mileage out of that, fingers crossed. but trying to pay these field trip people, 4 phone calls later that is not going so well.

plus I get to stand up in front of an auditorium tomorrow and try to coax 8th graders into taking a foreign language (preferably mine). I don't know why that five minutes twice makes me so nervous but it totally does, and it's like the third year I've done it.

I had a super busy weekend again, plus this Saturday I'm going up to NYC with a friend (anybody around? idk what RL friend wants to do but for sure I'm dragging her to Kino's). I know better than to stack that many days where I never get to sleep in late, because if I don't catch up on weekends it gets totally ugly fast.

I'm 2/3s through Raven Boys book 1 and really enjoying it. [personal profile] musesfool tore through them in about 3 days which I take as a good sign. She also commented on their Marauder-ish vibe, which I felt the truth of, and explains why I already ship Ronan/Adam kind of a little. Also because last night Ronan said "I'm always straight" and Adam's response was "That's the biggest lie you've ever told."

Last night I managed to watch Ebi's Legend con, and it was so, so good. All of their solos were great, there was so much jr/Baka6 action, Darkness girl version was absolutely perfect, and this time it was actually Tottsu's solo that made me cry instead of Hasshi's. He just looked so happy and good, with his stars all up his jacket sleeve. I commented on twitter a couple times just how good Kawai's voice really is, and what a shame that he always does dweeby stuff so we'll never get the good, soaring solo that he totally ought to have. Also I forgot Team Ra was on there so I was caught off-guard by all the feelings, followed immediately by Hasshi singing with Nozawa and Sanada. MY HEART. And yay Snowmen as guests getting called up to stage and introduced!

Plus Sanada playing guitar, oh man, that was really awesome. How much do I love Ebi using jrs to do that kind of stuff? Like I miss old school Question? and stuff but it's so nice to see guys participating of all the different parts of concerts, like instruments or staging or costuming or choreography or writing music themselves or whatever. I love that some of them will find something they can really excel at and make a place for themselves even if they don't turn out to be lifelong idols.

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17 March 2015 @ 10:24 pm
Lady doctor appointment was not satisfactory, to say the least. they just basically tell me it's normal no matter what happens, and lady times did indeed show up overnight (ofc) so the woman was like, why did you even keep this appointment then. I forced them to schedule an ultrasound at least, since my mother had like ALL the lady problems, but I came out like five times as frustrated and upset as when I went in. Then I texted my mother the story in the most inflammatory way possible so that she'd get even madder than me.

That part actually made me feel better. Honestly, I give up. If one ovary is basically a polycystic paperweight in there, it matters about zero percent. Next time I'll wait until I've skipped like 8 periods and then they'll be like ah yes menopause. or maybe something down there will explode and then I can be like, see I told you. So it's win-win.

It's restaurant week this week in Hershey, apparently, so mom and I went out to dinner at this super fancy place we like because they had a special menu that was much more reasonable than their usual stuff. I had duck crostini and like the best risotto on the earth.

I'm reading Raven Boys finally. Actually I read The True Meaning of Smekday over the weekend, mostly during SATs and it was super funny. When I got to the seven magnificent genders line, I about lost it in front of the kids taking the SATs. I bet that invalidates my whole testing room.

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So I'm a dog, and my chinese new year horoscope had only one totally positive spot and it was this: the way to attract money is to do nothing in particular to try and attract it. It'll just show up.

TRUE FACTS. Several examples:
*crazy tax refund because of school. Crazy!! I've never in my entire life had a tax refund worth more than $250, so when I did the online thing and it came up with a number with four digits in it, I was like, no do it again, that's wrong. But it wasn't!
*Truck had a leaky tire plus all tires are old and I was sure that was going to be $600 for new tires, easily. Tire place said back tires were fine, 2 new tires $200.
*All I do is cover classes at school, which is annoying, but lucrative.
*SATs this weekend went from "don't need you" to "You're on call" to "be late room if people are late" to "no you have to do a real room" in the space of 24 hours. Apparently the universe needed me to have that $125 very, very badly.

I will say on the other hand that I had the worst electric bill I've ever had, thanks to the exploding water heater, among other things, but I'm still way ahead. Also I called and whined on the phone about it because holy rate hike Batman, so they locked my rate for a couple months. This is what I get for trying to help out the planet by switching to a wind power provider, damn.

I broke down and called the lady doctor, hoping they wouldn't be able to get me in for ages like usual but instead there was a cancellation for tomorrow. So of course 3 hours later, my body decides it's lady time for the first time in 105 days (that is not an exaggeration). Seriously fuck you so much. It could be another fakeout, which has happened once, but I'm sure it won't be because that's now how things work in my world. So now I get to go have a talk about birth control and my weight and whether I'm depressed, for basically no reason. Maybe I'll make British Lady Doctor listen to the entire story about why I have a chinchilla and no roommate just so somebody else has to suffer along with me however briefly before they decide to draw 19 vials of blood from me.

In other exciting news, some state police were here earlier hunting down some guy who apparently lives or lived in my apartment complex, so I got questioned about him. There was some door-to-door canvasing so for a minute it was like I was in the opener of a Law and Order episode.

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05 March 2015 @ 09:52 pm
I've been trying to figure out how to cross the short, popular nature of shiritori (which has a bunch of people, yay!) with the good parts of fic exchange, like getting to write for somebody else and getting something back. Last year a couple of us on twitter just did a mini thing where we picked a person and wrote for them and it was due by the end of the month? I'd like to start something like that on at least a semi-regular basis. That way people could drop in or out if they wanted to.

So Midori and I decided we'd just go for it, and if people want to join in, awesome! And if this month is no good for you and you're interested, we'll try again next month!

It'll work something like this:

1. comment below if you want to play this month. list some stuff you'd like to receive and whatever you'd like to write at the moment (see below for more note about requests).
2. Depending on who turns up, either we'll just pick what we want to do, or if there's enough or people want me to, I can sort. But last time we did the mini-twitter one, we just picked ourselves.
3. You have until March 31st to write and post your fic. It's not anonymous and you can post it wherever. Near the end of the month I'll put up a post for people to link their fics on.
4. There's no word minimum since the time frame is short. Whatever words it takes you to fill the prompt or request is fine.
5. If you finish your first one quickly, you're welcome to come back here to look at comments and either write something else for your person or else fill any other request that you want. Even duplicate request fills are fine.
6. For this first round, if there are any particular rules or features you like in an exchange or writing game, mention them. We might try different types of things month to month. Like I find anonymous frustrating, but if a lot of people like it, we can totally do it sometimes. We might also try a month of prompt-fill, where you don't have a particular recipient.

In terms of what you can request/offer, I'd like to keep it as open as possible, like shiritori is. So if people want to write but this month they're into Exo, or anime, or anything, that's fine so long as you can find something you want to write and hopefully somebody else can write something for you too. To be real, the common factor among most of us is Johnny's, but writing is writing. Let's try and see what happens?

You can ask for a specific fandom, group, or people. You can pitch some general prompts and see what happens ("A-kun confesses to B-kun at the beach"). You can ask for a rating, esp either porn or no porn, or just like a general feel ("I'm craving sadfic this month" or "I need a coffee shop AU stat"). I'm going to honestly just let people do whatever and we'll see what happens.

Lastly, if you might be interested but just not this month, you can comment and say that too! I'm definitely interested in starting something people can drop in and out of as it suits them.
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26 February 2015 @ 09:46 pm
It's been a week full of things, that's for sure.

Shiritori started a new round, which I am so excited about. firstly I got made leader of team 3 ♥ and there is promise of speed shiritori and our name is Team Sonic which I think is great. Also ri dropped out so no more surprise ex posts on the flist. since I tweaked twitter to prevent that there, only shiritori was still causing that. she might come back eventually, and she has every right to, but for now it's an intermittent unpleasant surprise I could do without. For my first fic this round I wrote the traditional dress group fic I kept threatening a couple of you guys with, or at least the beginning of it.

Over the weekend I built the most ridiculous new chinchilla cage ever:

I hauled out my sewing machine and made all the flannel liners myself and even some hammocks, although that is a work in progress still. I have all the pieces cut out for the rest of it but I haven't been home enough to actually finish. as you can see, Shinchilla was incredibly pissed for the first day or two because of the upheaval, but she's getting better now. It messed up her sleeping routine and the getting her out of the cage routine too, but as of today it only took like 2 minutes to get her out instead of 25 so I think we're making progress.

because of chinchilla and fic drama, I've been going to bed super late and last night I was terrible, so i've been soooooo tiiiiiired all day. after shinchilla time I may just sleep on the couch. sometimes that's the most satisfying thing.

Also this morning, I fit back into a pair of pants from last winter, barely, but enough to wear to school. thank goodness at least a tiny bit of progress happened. I've been calorie tracking again since I got the new phone, and although I'm only managing 1-2 trips to the gym a week, it's probably the monitoring that helps more than anything. I just really really do not want to be the 220lbs white chick in Japan this August. It's going to be enough of a scene dragging my father around, trust me.

On the flip side of health news, I haven't had a period in like 80 days, which means I've skipped at least two. I skip one a couple times a year, but I've never skipped two like this. I don't want to go back to the lady doctor because she wants me to go on birth control to keep from going 60+ days because there's risk of whatever other problems, and I want to do that -300%. I understand that bc can be a lot different now than when I was on it 14 years ago in college, but I didn't enjoy it then, don't especially want my hormones or moods toyed with, and really, does it matter if I have some kind of reproductive problem? it really, really doesn't. it's not like reproduction is even a remote possibility so who the fuck cares. it feels like being the butt of the universe's joke that I even have to have some sort of bc argument with this lady.

I watched the crazy violent Power Rangers thing and OH GOD IT'S AMAZING. the actual reboot can never live up to it lol. The quality of it was just stunning, and I loved the dark take on it. Plus they shipped my green/pink ship so yessss. Also apparently the Jem live action movie is moving forward and there's some kind of comic? I need to look into the comic. And apparently read the Raven Cycle.

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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this
23 February 2015 @ 01:19 am
Title: Double Exposure [Watanabe/Miyadate]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: There are some interesting consequences of all these sexy Snow Man shoots, especially for Miyadate and Watanabe.
AN: This is all the fault of the super cute and sexy DateNabe shots in the TV mags last month, like this one and especially this one. As evidenced by my icon, as Nabesho's mom says here, those two never take sexy pictures together, so clearly something must have gone down. Also, Miyadate on the bottom is hotttttt. Just imagine him all mussed up and flushed, yesss.

Double Exposure [Watanabe/Miyadate, NC-17]Collapse )
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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this
18 February 2015 @ 11:29 pm
some idiot thought it was a good idea to start watching Moulin Rouge at 11:15pm.

I ordered all the ledges for the chinchilla cage last night and bought a bunch of fleece last weekend, so all the parts are on the way here. Well, maybe. I have to see what I think about the pans that are in there and how much bedding I'm going to use and stuff. I keep getting stuff from this one chinchilla rescue because they make such good stuff and it's nice to support a rescue, but ordering things involves emailing the lady directly and I always feel super awkward about it.

I'm not sure why? It's almost as bad as when I have to call people on the phone. but this time I had actual questions about the big cage and she kind of just ignored them. I realize she's super busy and things, but...idk. super awkward. I really need some advice about the wheel too, because Shinchilla's gone so long without ever having one that I'm not sure she'll learn to use it, and they aren't cheap.

I did a ton of laundry today and a bunch of schoolwork during the day, but it was all at the expense of doing any homework for my class tonight, and even when I did start like 20 minutes before, I realized at the last second I was reading the wrong play for this week. whaaaat. I still have no idea what to do my presentation on and I'm very last so there's no way to know if anybody else will pick the same topic as me? This lack of structure, what is it about.

I have been so busy after school all week that I'm completely exhausted and it's only Wednesday night. It's not even physical exhaustion, so much as just, please just let me sit here for an evening with myself, but no. Tomorrow night either, I'm going out to dinner with some other foreign language teachers. Like, yay! But omg so tired.

Shinchilla is side-eying me because this is not Star Trek and also I keep singing along.

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