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18 September 2014 @ 08:04 pm
idk why any of you guys even follow my journal because it's nothing but me saying how unrelentingly everything sucks. I will at least try to reduce the worst of it to a bullet point list:

1. I am STILL sick. it's not nearly as bad as it was, thank god, but I'm still coughing and headachey and exhausted and it won't stop.

2. school is just. we have a new lesson plan format that we have to have 100% conformity to and it's 600% more work than what I was doing before and I'm drowning. It's impossible.

3. Barn wedding last weekend was okay, except for the part in the middle where we had to take my brother to the ER in the middle of the night. why is everything so full of fucking drama.

4. aside from exhaustion, idk what my issue is this week, but everything either makes me super sad or super annoyed. or both. all I want is to limp through Friday so I can lie here uselessly. oh wait except i have another wedding on saturday.

weddings are the fucking worst, okay. I just sit there the entire time thinking about how I'll always be the extra dateless person sitting next to my parents, making the table an awkward odd number. Two back-to-back is like, i don't know what I did to deserve this punishment, but I'm ridiculously sorry, okay, jesus christ.

at least the chinchilla likes me best. for some value of like that's like "will sit on my butt if I'm lying very still on the floor." yup, just me and my devoted chinchilla for the next 15-20 years. Maybe I can train her to come to weddings with me.

Eri drove down to visit me during the wedding fiasco ♥ it was super nice to see her. She brought me back a cute goldfish windchime from Japan! Maybe I'll get to see her this fall/winter sometime if we can work out trains and pickup. I continue to think loosely about Japan over christmas but the honest truth is that with school like this, I will need all of those off-days to try and recover some of my sanity. I'm not sure any kind of trip is possible much less advisable.

Puzzles and Dragons has had a Capybara-san collaboration on for like a week and a half so I keep catching capybara in it XD All I want is the onsen capybara! I will be bummed out if I don't catch one before the collab is over.

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I guess I'll post something while I'm waiting for my nails to dry quick. I'm watching The Blacklist on Netflix, simultaneously, and it's good so far.

I have been sicker than hell all week long and it's the worst. I haven't been this sick since like the first year I taught. Wednesday I lost my voice completely, but struggled through school Thursday and Friday morning. I had to text my mother to call the doctor's since I couldn't talk on the phone, and they said I had a really serious sinus infection. All I can tell you is that my throat hurt so bad for this entire week, doing anything (like standing) made me break into a cold sweat, and now i have a racking cough that borders on alarming. Today I finally started feeling a little better, but I still sound like an idiot.

Despite that, I did a Paint Nite event with a school friend this week. If you don't know what that is, this company rents out a room in a local bar and you get to drink while they teach you to paint a particular picture. It was a lot of fun! Here's how my firefly painting came out:

Also they made drinks called fireflies which had pineapple, coconut rum, sprite, and a blinking ice cube. Really good!!

Next weekend is my upstate NY snobby barn wedding and my dumb cousin's blanket isn't even half done. I still might make it, I'm fast enough, if I do it every night regularly, but who knows. I have another wedding the next week where clearly I will not be done making anything, but that one is local, so she might get an IOU. she's also pregnant, so baby blanket as well. Friend timing failure, seriously.

I don't know a thing about the Korean girlband that lost their members and manager, but that's really sad. I can't imagine what we'd do if that kind of thing happened in JE. It makes me shudder just thinking about it.

We had more internet drama, and after trying some more stuff with the router, which was definitely the source of the problem, i gave up and bought another brand entirely. That would have been fine if they would have taken the netgear back, but no. Anyway, this one seems a lot better so far (It's a Belkin n600), both because it's just different and also because I went up a level in terms of power, figuring with two of us that was also causing some of the problem. There's one network that's supposed to be dedicated to gaming/media, but of course the wii refuses to use it! So now I have the laptop on that one.

So anyone want a Netgear N300 router, barely used? It's a WNR2000v4 if you want to look it up. I looked around on Ebay and Amazon quick and it really doesn't seem worth it to list it there. But if any of you guys have an aging router and want to upgrade, I will totally mail it if you front me the shipping.

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31 August 2014 @ 10:15 pm
Enjoying my long weekend, or at least enjoying the fact that I don't have to get up for school tomorrow. I spent 2-3 hours at the Panera writing lesson plans with math teacher friend because we went to a new mandatory format this year and both of us were like oh my god we have to do this every single week all year. I don't mind teaching all my different preps or grading for them, but all the papertrail for four different levels is kind of brutal. I guess I got spoiled reusing the same lessons for the last couple years.

I ran all the errands in the universe yesterday and then cleaned pigs/chinchilla today, so I am excited to do nothing tomorrow. Except go out to the dunkin donuts because TOMORROW PUMPKIN DONUTS ARE BAAAACK. they are my faaaavorite. it's seriously gross outside though, so humid ugh, and that sucks because I've had the air on solidly for like two days. electric bill failure.

On Friday math teacher friend and I are doing a Paint Nite event and I'm kind of psyched about it. I've never tried to paint something on canvas in my whole life! The website is if anybody's interested, and LivingSocial has it as one of their deals this weekend. It's not local just to my area, it seems like they have batches of them in lots of places. Anyway, with LS's labor day save 20% code it came down to $20 a person, which is so cheap i'm thinking about picking up another pair to save in case there's another painting i really like in the future (each class does a particular painting).

Shinchilla has been really mellow the last 3-4 days? It's nice. I've been spending my hour trapped in my room putting all my clipped magazines into binders with those plastic sleeves. I feel silly doing it, but it does look nice and it's probably a lot safer for them than being in a heap. But man I bought a lot of magazines in 2010, what's that even about.

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22 August 2014 @ 08:23 pm
last week of summer completed D:

I headed down to Ocean City (MD) with a friend right after school stuff on Monday and we were there until Wednesday night. It was nice to have a beach day finally this summer since that was one of the girlfriend things that never happened. I like OC's boardwalk the best, and we had weather cool enough to stay on the beach most of Tuesday. I'm a little sunburned but that makes me feel like i did the beach right.

Yesterday and today were opening school stuff; students start Monday. My room is like 2% prepared but this is my 9th year and I don't get worked up about that anymore. My schedule and class sizes are both kind of weird, idk, everything feels weird. I have a bunch of things to get done this weekend, and I should probably try to finish unpacking my room or put up posters or something. I made it to "front room looks kind of like I live here" and then i lost all will to go on.

I also burned the ever-loving shit out of my forearm on the oven door, so now i get to start the school year with a burn 6 inches long and 1 inch across. I'm going to clearly have a gigantic scar, awesome. It hurts like a son of a bitch still, five full days later, bad enough that I went to the school nurse to ask if i maybe needed a real doctor, but she said at this point just cover it at school and try to keep it from getting infected. owwwwwww.

I'm watching Hook and I forgot how good a movie it really is, and how many people are in it! Maggie Smith! Dustin Hoffman! Zuko! lol well sort of. I want to stay up and finish it but tiiiiiiired. normal school year wake-up time is brutal.

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15 August 2014 @ 10:09 am
Title: Stand On Your Own Stage [Shintarou, Juri, Baka6]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13. Het warning I guess? There's no actual sex.
Summary: Shintarou accidentally ends up as a 17-year-old father, but it's only after that that all the really good stuff happens.
AN: This is 10k and it's all Rory's fault for bullshitting with me about how hard Shintarou's life would be if he had a kid right now and that kid entered JE when Shintarou was 27. Title is from "1 For You," and if you really want to give yourself all the feels, feel free to watch the JuriShin letter exchange like I unfortunately just did.

Stand on Your Own Stage [Shintarou, Juri, Baka6, PG-13]Collapse )
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14 August 2014 @ 11:30 am
first thing: got a really nice monogrammed tote for me and my mom from Livingsocial. Link is here if you want it, and since it's LS, if a couple other people get one from your link, yours is free. I figured I can't be the only fangirl who loves a good tote bag. I'm saving my mom's for her birthday present in a few months.

I spent two days stenciling my plain blue comforter with fans and sakura. I used the oil paintstiks to do it, and I have to say they were awesome. Since it's basically a solid (it's oil paint suspended with enough wax to make it a crayon kind of) it didn't seep underneath the stencil edge at all. I got stencil paper from the craft store and cut out my own and i think they worked just as good as the ones I bought. the sakura shapes and the fans were all stencils I cut out myself. Here's two of the pictures I took with my phone quick yesterday:

I have to let it dry a couple days and then heatset it in the dryer. I'm so scared I'll ruin it after all that work!! I was in particular proud of the fan stencil, which had one layer for the basic shape and another stencil for the pattern so i could mix colors all I wanted. Maybe next time I'll cut out some other patterns to use for it.

In other artsy news, I sent out three photos I've taken to be blown up to poster size for my living room, and they look amazing. One is of the Miyajima tori, one is from Kiyomizudera (which is my favorite temple), and one is a close up of some sakura. I feel super proud of myself. It maybe makes the opposite wall full of JE posters look a little stupid, but that's okay. I still haven't quite decided what to do with some of the other stuff, since the new living room is a completely different shape than the old one.

Then this morning dad and I went to do our free tomato picking from the CSA. Tomatoes are heavy as hell, you guys. So now there's a bag of like 50 of them in my kitchen. not sure whether I have enough energy to do sauce today or if it might have to be tomorrow. I only do it once a year but it takes foreverrrrrrrr. My back is super sore from hunching over the stencils on the floor too, so it might have to wait.

I got my grades back for my summer class/paper, and I got an A on both! I was relieved, and also could finally submit my grades to my school district to get paid back (woohoo!). We're in the middle of contract negotiations and I have some concerns about what's going to happen with tuition reimbursement, but for now they haven't given me any trouble yet.

also I have 7k of shintarou with a secret baby fic that is Rory's fault and somehow I lost all control over.

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09 August 2014 @ 02:33 pm
Happy 3 year debut anniversary, Kisumai! I put the Vol 3 concert on while I redid my nails and sobbed during debut announcement as usual. Maybe that'll never wear off. I love right now's Kisumai an awful lot, but I still miss shy Tama and all the hair Taipi and babyface Senga and too cool for this crap Nika and please just play the guitar Watta. Miyata's basically the same lmao.

I hope somebody texts Yasui every year to tell him thank you.

Ended up going to Hersheypark all day yesterday at the last minute, woo season pass. The lines were pretty short for August, so we rode like all the things, including Great Bear twice, which is my favorite. Sidewinder and Lightning Racer are also favorites though. Consequently today I have the Hersheypark Hangover, which is like I lie around migrainily all day. I don't have anything pressing to do, so who cares. I've just come to accept that will happen every time.

I do have a bunch of junk i should be working on but am not, like the two wedding blankets and two baby blankets that are kind of imminent. stupid people. so instead i did my nails ensuring that i can do neither. Also i printed out the pages so i can cut out the stencils so i can stencil my bedspread so i can get rid of the stupid paisley one...actually that's kind of a long story, apparently. the internet recommended oil paint crayons, so i ordered some of them.

THIS IS MY LAST WEEK OF SUMMER NOOOO I AM NOT READY. ugh school. honestly though if this summer could just end that would be great because it has been the suckiest summer of my entire life. not that anything more appealing exists on the other side, but either way. just be over already.

Saw Guardians of the Galaxy and it was AMAZING. i loved it. I knew that it was a thing in the Marvel universe but basically nothing else about it, and I enjoyed every second of it, so go and see it or popcorn time it or do what you have to do. GROOOOOOOT. now all my school friends call my plant watering app my Groot because it dances. I also saw Lucy which was...not as good haha. It wasn't horrendous or anything, but it tried to be a brainy action movie and did neither thing really. Still, Morgan Freeman and Scarlett Johansson, so not a complete waste of my two hours.

In other news Rory made me start fic about Shintarou's secret kid instead of finishing the FREE(!!!!) fic I should be finishing. whoops.

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Title: In All the Gin Joints in All the World [Miyadate/Watanabe]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Five universes where Miyadate has to chase down Watanabe, and one where he had him the entire time.
A/N: Bonus wakamono fic ( ^_^)b Everybody go enjoy!

In All the Gin Joints in All the World [Miyadate/Watanabe, PG-13]Collapse )
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07 August 2014 @ 12:22 am
Finally reposting Wakamono.

Title: Someday the Sakura Will Surely Bloom [Kawai/Fukazawa]
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Kawai gives the best hugs in the company, and Fukazawa is in desperate need of them.
A/N: Written for 2014 Wakamono exchange, for orangegreenlove. I know the pairing's a bit odd, but hopefully Kawai will make it up to you.

Someday the Sakura Will Surely Bloom [Kawai/Fukazawa, NC-17]Collapse )
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Title: This is the Road to Ruin (And We're Starting at the End) [Yasui/Juri]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: KitKats for sure can't fix what Yasui has.
AN: The failed FQF that I had to scrap because it became clear it didn't need any sex in it. The original title of this was "Yasui is terrible at relationships" and then briefly "Break Me Off a Piece of That." Also I think it's adorable that Kouchi says they call him Yassan. Also here is pirate Shintarou. You'll understand why when you get there.

This is the Road to Ruin (And We're Starting at the End) (Yasui/Juri, PG-13)Collapse )
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31 July 2014 @ 12:10 am
Lifetime quota for ugly crying apparently not full yet. there probably isn't a prize for that anyway, you probably just evolve and then drop back to level 1 and start all over. bibitarou evolves into waaaaanchan.

my research paper is more or less done, although I have to read it all through again to make sure I didn't leave any [write something intelligent here] spots, as I do. somebody else I guess ought to read it as well, but there's a bunch of Latin. my prof said he would look at drafts but...i don't like doing that when they're the person who grades it in the end. if they tell me to change a bunch of shit, I will have to, when mentally I have already checked out of the topic. I think I'll just turn it in early tomorrow and say that if he sees major problems to pretend it's a draft.

the guinea pigs made it here and are stacked in the corner, and I was sort of unpacking but then paper. plus the disaster yesterday where instead of writing my paper I spent all day fucking with the internet, going to buy a new router and modem because I guess two people was more than my el cheapo 10 year old setup could handle, and then promptly spent four hours calling comcast nine times. That's not an exaggeration, neither figure. so no paper writing was had.

I also can't sleep for more than like 3-4 hours at a time even though I'm so exhausted its ridiculous. it's just the last straw in a lot of ways. like i'm not already miserable enough, for fuck's sake. it's not like I got a new bed (again) or whatever, so there is no reason for this bullshit. all I can think about is how school is going to start in 3 weeks (ps one of my best friends is leaving my building ugh) and it's going to be so much energy and stress and new people and I just can't. I cannot. I have done thing after thing after ridiculous fucking thing since like February and I cannot do any more of them.

i watched a bunch of law and order today and I don't see tomorrow being any different. if it weren't for that and one piece i wouldn't be able to cope even this pathetically.

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I continue to fail at FQF, which i think might be due tomorrow, so here have a post instead.

This is coming to you live from my new porch! This whole week was moving, which was nightmarish, and my apartment is still basically filled with just boxes. The chinchilla made it over, but the guinea pigs haven't come from my parents' yet, although that might happen today. I spent all Tues and Wed moving stuff over and all Thurs cleaning the old place. The rental lady said I'd get my whole deposit back, which is nice if not nearly so large as the deposit on the new place, and a day's rent back too since I finished a day early. It's probably like $20 or something, but w/e.

How to clean walls: magic eraser for dark spots (I used Target brand) and then wipe down the whole wall with swiffer pads. OH MY GOD IT WAS LIKE MAGIC. We also used the powder resolve (red can) for the carpet and it was so impressive i'm going to do it at the new place as soon as the floor is clear. The lady asked if we'd had them shampooed!

I'm covered in big ugly bruises and some scratches, and I'm sure there'll be more because hardly anything is where it's supposed to be. My big wood entertainment center was a casualty of the move, they had to take it down to individual pieces of wood to get it out of the basement, so I just bought a new one online, which'll be here next week. I also lost a bookcase, which had been sitting in that spot so long that it basically exploded when we tried to move it.

i still feel pretty blah about the whole thing. the new place is much nicer and there's a lot more space and light, so it's a pretty big step up, but idk. if there's a lifetime quota for ugly crying then I won't be doing very much of that later on. Everybody keeps trying to get me to say how great it is and I just...not so much.

I really have to finish fqf. ugh.

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21 July 2014 @ 11:36 am
I am home from Florida. The drive was uneventful but sort of painful because a) i really needed to schedule a hangover day in there between latin camp finish and driving home, nts for next year and b) i in no way wanted to come home and deal with all the stuff that's here. Also you really don't want to drive the bit of 95 that goes from the virginia border to the 295 bypass around Richmond. I got stuck for 1-2 hours in that chunk both ways, and every other part of the drive was no problem.

So moving is happening tomorrow, I guess. I'm surrounded by boxes and I can't really pack any more boxes until these ones go away, not that it stops my parents bringing me more of them. Tonight I have to pack up my kitchen which is the last big thing, and i have some other dumb errands to run that I want to do none of. i don't wannaaaaaaaa. right now is the worst part where not doing it is probably worse than just getting it over with but so much change haaaate. also apparently my brother is not coming up to help, which my parents told me instead of him. Thanks a lot, bro.

Last night I also got a text from one of my best friends at school saying that she's leaving to go do an admin job, and then I cried for like ten minutes because seriously that is the last straw. I quit this whole year, okay, i just quit. Everything sucks and I've had it. I don't understand why all of this worst bullshit ever has to all happen at once and the only reason I don't just stay in my bed at home and refuse to come out is because right now there actually isn't a place that feels like home at all. AWESOME.

FREE fandom is eating me. I need there to be so much more of that show, and then I read the novel and all the feeeeelingsssssssss. I started fic but who knows what'll happen with that because moving and fqf still isn't done and oh yeah i have to write a 15-page research paper for my class, right that. also i accidentally conflated all the characters with 5*STAR so there's a sort of secondary hilarity to all of it.

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14 July 2014 @ 09:17 pm
more than halfway done with my class. My presentation was Friday and it was a huge relief to get that out of the way, and then the first test was Friday morning, which I got a 95% on, so barring disaster with the second test I think that this should turn out okay. At least until I try and write the paper. I absolutely see the appeal of just staying here another week or two to get that done, next year I'm going to think really hard about doing that.

I was so exhausted Friday night that I crashed and slept super later, but then of course I couldn't sleep at all Saturday night. i guess the worry about the class was supplanting worry about moving and everything else when I get home. whatever, i went out to some snobby yarn place near here and bought some yarn. and then I went to the Trader Joe's, which I had never to been to one before! I can see the appeal, man, they had a bunch of cool stuff. I bought green tea mochi and sparkling blueberry juice.

I've been addicted to Puzzles and Dragons for like two weeks, which is basically a cross between a match-3 game and pokemon. WHY DOES THAT EXIST. addictiiiiive. Also addictive is FREE! which I liked the first season of so much i'm thinking about piloting it for drama night even though it's animated. Second season is so good!!

Today is magic birthday day! I hope Hasshi and Shintarou go out together and get food or something. equally I hope that whatever ABC has planned for Hasshi, Shintarou is not at all a part of. I'd try and turn out some fic, esp since it's my shiritori turn, but i can't seem to FQF properly and then there's the hours of homework i'm doing every night, ugh.

speaking of that, I guess I'd better get on it.

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07 July 2014 @ 05:18 pm
I am safely in Florida, if you haven't got that news already. The drive wasn't that bad really, aside from being stuck in traffic for an hour twice the first day, and the extended stay hotel is kind of nicer than I expected. I mean, it's not WOW AMAZING, but...idk it seems clean and there's a little kitchen and for the ~$50 a night I'm paying them, I'm pretty satisfied. Also there is Hoarders on my TV! I need to do homework, but Hoarders! This is my show.

Stuff that went fine today:
*finding the classroom and getting there on time.
*class itself - I translated a section and didn't humiliate myself and felt like I was at an okay reading level for what's going on (others in the class = not so lucky). The professor was pretty entertaining and it was okay even though we were there for ~5 hours.
*got myself on the internet at school with no drama, reading the text on the laptop during class was fine, maybe even preferable because then looking up words on the fly was easier.
*(eventually) getting my parking permit and student ID. There was a false start this morning on the phone when the parking office said I didn't have a pass, and a failed attempt to get my ID during lunch, but second try on both those things went fine.
*Gonna get Japanese for dinner since there's a place right next to the grocery store called "Miya" so I laughed when I drove by yesterday.

*grocery shopping D: But i have a kitchen and i'm gonna use it, dammit
*headaaaache. it's stress, and heat, and not enough sleep, but one dose of excedrin didn't do it this afternoon, which is unusual and really not okay. I'm just so sick of them. Like it's not enough i'm depressed and stressed out, I have to feel physically poorly as well.
*it seemed like most of the people knew each other at class this morning, and nobody really hung around for lunch or after to work or anything, so not so much on the making some kind of friend front. it really is just like summer camp.

anyway, homework time. man it is so much reading, SO MUCH. grad school, man. yikes.

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30 June 2014 @ 08:12 pm
i have no more adult spoons oh my god. NO MORE.

*I made a bunch of phone calls I was putting off, the worst of which was calling comcast to get a better rate on my internet when I move. They dropped it $10 a month. I could have held out for better I guess, but I hate talking to strangers on the phone beyond all reason so I was relieved anything happened and I could stop worrying about it.

*took another (probably the last) box of books down to 2nd and Charles. Going through the books a last time was the last non-packing thing I could arguably do, since I already did a last pass of the clothes and the DVDs. Now I have to actually pack. I put books in two boxes that were sitting there and then I just kind of got overwhelmed and quit. My excuse was that there weren't enough boxes.

*mailing address, cable service, and utility have all been changed for the new place. i realized later i have to call the insurance people though, oops.

*tuition check for grad school still has not come. I LEAVE ON SATURDAY. oh my god please come in the mail tomorrow so I can stop worrying about it, please please please. I called and left a message about it but didn't hear back so now I have to call more. DO NOT WANT.

*I put together a suitcase of clothes for florida but i can't really cope with the rest of it. I have no idea what I'll need/want for 2 weeks down there. you'd think I'd feel like this is starting college again but instead I feel like when I used to go to camp for a week and was intensely bad at making friends quickly.

ugh whatever. I went and had a very big ice cream and then looked at the Grand Pineapple resort online with my mother, because I absolutely want to go to the Grand Pineapple. For reasons.

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24 June 2014 @ 01:33 pm
Spent a very busy weekend in NYC with [personal profile] musesfool! On Friday we checked out the Tenement Museum, which was incredibly interesting. We did the apartment of the Irish family, and I'd love to go back with my brother or teacher friends and do some of the other others. Then we walked up to St. Mark's Place to have dinner at the Crooked Tree Creperie, which is always the best thing ever. It's so tasty! Also we discovered a pudding place right near it, which was probably the last thing I should have eaten after all that sangria, oops.

On Saturday we did the Natural Museum of History, where I had shamefully never been to see the dinosaurs. they have a poisons exhibit and a pterosaur exibit on right now, both of which I felt were totally worth the money, and then we did a planetarium show too which I enjoyed. Plus dinosaurs! and we did most of the marine life stuff too, but man, there is so much stuff there. then we went down to 14th st and walked around the Highline, which is an old train track that they made into a public garden (because apparently hours and hours of walking wasn't enough). It was beautiful though, on a nice day, I definitely recommend that.

Sunday I went to karaoke by myself for a couple hours before the train, and originally i felt loserish about that, but it turned out to be a good idea cause apparently singing some of those songs in front of other people won't be okay for a while. But I did sing Bad Boys and have had it stuck in my head ever since. And then i hit up the Wafel and Dinges truck, because wafels.

other RL blatherCollapse )

sigh, it's whatever. up next, vacuum, making pistachio chicken, finish this pinch, and maybe clip some more magazines.

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20 June 2014 @ 10:44 am
Title: Flash [Kurosagi/Aoki]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13?
Summary: How Akai Ito entertain themselves the rest of their trip to New York for their photobook.
AN: Too much CB rereading, apparently. I just wanted something cute about Akai Ito.

Flash [Kurosagi/Aoki, PG-13]Collapse )
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18 June 2014 @ 10:58 am
Since in a couple weeks I'll be driving to Florida and back, I was looking for some new music to break up the drive a little. I thought maybe you guys could recommend some albums that are good the whole way through and are kind of upbeat? I mean, the whole album doesn't have to be, but R&B for instance is not so good (unless you want me driving off a bridge and dying when I fall asleep).

Japanese, Korean, or English are all fine, and I usually am pop/rock-ish. It's safe to assume I probably have any JE albums, but not a lot of other stuff honestly. Actually the places my music collection are particularly weak are:

*girls/girlbands (I like Namie Amuro? but I really don't have a lot of girl pop or rock)

*Jrock (I like ONE OK ROCK for instance, but idk who else is popular at all)

*For Koreans I'm really only familiar with DBSK/EXO/SHINee/Big Bang and maybe CN Blue. I in particular like it when Korean bands have Japanese releases, probably because they tend to lean more pop and less R&B when they release in Japan, but whatever.

*I've been out of touch with American pop/rock for like five years now, so even those recommendations are safe. I have a ton of Big Time Rush, and Hot Chelle Rae, and that's about it.

You don't have to link me or anything (although you're welcome to), i can probably dig stuff up myeslf. Thank you!

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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this
14 June 2014 @ 12:39 pm
I realize it's only been a couple weeks (if you don't count like the months and months before that) but I'm already tired of wondering if anything ever is going to make me feel better.

if the answer's no then i wish somebody would just tell me for sure so I can stop crawling out of bed and trying to go on about my business in between the bits where I cry in my car.

does anybody else do that or is it just me? it's like the car is the one safe place.

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