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a less touching 9/11 memory

so here is my 9/11 story. I swear that this is true. If you are prone to over-reaction to insensitivity, you may want to scroll on by.

9/11 was a Tuesday, which i know because i had to go to a 9 am class entitled 'Greek Tragedy'. I consistently slept through this class, but on this particular morning i managed to struggle out of bed on time, grumpy because my alarm had interrupted a dream involving a mostly-naked Jason Behr.

So at 8:45, before any terrorist action has occurred, mind you, i leave an away message on AIM and go to class, with no idea that anything is happening. recall that the class is called 'Greek Tragedy'.

and hour and a half later, i return to find multiple hostile IMs and a pleading phone call from a friend that says "OMG turn on the NEWS and TAKE DOWN THE AWAY MESSAGE!"

The away message said (i swear to high holy heaven i am not making this up): "At 9 am, the only Tragedy here is that i am not sleeping in my warm bed, dreaming blissfully of Jason Behr."

now i ask you, could that chain of events happen to anyone but me?
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