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the pants game

gacked from thieving_gypsy:
Put your playlist on shuffle. Pick the first 20 songs that come up and add "in my pants".

Breath in my Pants--Melissa Etheridge
Miserable in my Pants--Lit
This Love in my Pants--Craig Armstrong
Life on a Chain in my Pants--Pete Yorn
The Spectrum in my Pants--Professor Ludwig Von Drake
Californication in my Pants--Red Hot Chili Peppers
Come Clean in my Pants--Hilary Duff [apparently the itunes has caught on to the hilarity]
When Worlds Collide in my Pants--Plumb
You Outta Know in my Pants--Alanis Morrisette
Do What You Have To in my Pants--Sarah McLachlan
You Make Me Feel in my Pants--Jeremy Toback
For You in my Pants--Staind
All For One, All For Love In my Pants--Sting, Bryan Adams, etc
Bloody Romance in my Pants--Senses Fail
Strangest Thing in my Pants--The Octobers
Sweetness in my Pants--Jimmy Eat World
Another Know It All in my Pants--Chevelle
Every Morning in my Pants--Sugar Ray
Eleanor Rigby in my Pants--The Beatles
Fire in my Pants--Endochine [BWAHAHAHAHA]

and i even get to use my brand spanking new Touya pants at fashion icon!
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