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a little brain damage, Danny boy?

The day of Dorkery continues!

it turns out that every Monday is SG-1 day on Sci-Fi channel, so i get hours and hours of Daniel goodness! Mmmm, flustered archaeologist... (er, they are randomly firemen in this one? WTF and also omfgHAWT.)

I just wrote a little Tenpuri drabble here and am getting something good in the mail as a result! squee! you should go play too, fun!

Thirdly, the Newtype arrived, and the art section is all about KKM. Scanning to commence shortly, because there is a spread (ahahaha) of Yuuri in the Mazoku thong. oh goddamn i love this magazine *considers $80 well-spent for the joy it has brought me this year*

okay, back to the handcuff fic. i swear to god i will finish. darkeyedwolf is all tied up moving, does anybody want to help beta me?
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