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parting shots

The final update for just went live as a placeholder until we switch over to sometime in the next week or two. It's not really news to you guys, but you should go see the Megatokyo comic I used to express my feelings.

some things definately deserve 'the screwdriver'.

I need to start changing email addresses on every single fic's tag. remember how I said I would never have to recode all those stories ever again? Waaaaaaah.

I know it's a bit silly to be melancholy over a domain name, but your site becomes a part of you after a while, you know? it would break my heart to change my LJ name. But that's kind of the root of the problem, that changing the domain means there's a much better change I won't ever have to change anything else about my online existence.

I am starting to wonder though if there's going to be major website upheaval every single year on its anniversary, haha. Ah well, change is good for the cybersoul.
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