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So now that stuff is all moved over to The Rat Box, I can actually start updating the site again. But this means posting Christmas in Hyoutei, which is in parts, and I hate trying to figure out what the best way to post chaptered things is on the site, esp when the parts are smallish.

Sometimes I just link my LJ, but I don't love that, cause if LJ crashes ever, I won't have a backup on my website. I've also linked for things that have lots of parts, like the KKM 20 themes, but i don't love that either, cause

what do you people do?

Poll #650102 Multi-Part Fics

When I put multi-part fics in their finished form on my website, I

Put then all into one page, with part breaks marked in bold
make each part their own page
link an archive that's built to house chaptered things ( for example)
link to where it already is on my LJ
just don't write multi-parts, makes everyone's life easier

I do something even WEIRDER.

also, if you haven't had your dose of PoTWTF this morning, you can see me writing to prillalar that if anybody's tennis can impregnate somebody, it's Fuji's.
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