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I FINALLY finished all the Journal tasks for KH2 and finished the game again. My X button is completely squishy and needs to be retired, but i got the secret ending! ...the extra 35 hours was so not worth a two minute video. BUT I CAN PRETEND.

Also, i thought i was going to make it the whole way through without crying, but then I was already wibbling a little bit during the Sora/Riku BFF speech, and then when Sora looks up at Kairi and it's Roxas for a moment, i started sobbing again. waaaaah.. I was randomly watching the disney channel this afternoon, and Jesse McCartney was the guest on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and i got all sniffly during that as a side effect. I'm so ridiculous.

I'll just have to cheer up by watching too much KAT-TUN and NewS and w-inds. and darkeyedwolf is a dirty, dirty enabler. Did you know boybands could be suspended? Oh, Japan.

Atobe and Shishido (rats) just had a wicked fight, where Shishido took a chunk out of Atobe's muzzle. Now they're both sulking at opposite ends of the cage and being jerks. Seriously, i really did name them BEFORE i got to know their personalities. Ohtori, who seems mostly just confused, is letting Shishido groom him all psychotically.
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