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new icons! I feel like Sam...

Has anybody else noticed the LJ clock going all wonky? I just lost an entry because it said i needed to backdate...

Just discovered that paid accounts get 15 icons instead of 10! WOOHOO LJ team! I scanned in a bunch of Foxtrot and Zits stuff and went to town.

Thanks to thistle_chaser and alchemia for identifying and solving a bandwidth issue due to googlebot and other webcrawlers. if you too are having strange bandwidth issues, go here.

I finally found out what NaNoWriMo was (i confess that I thought it was ghetto slang for "Write More"), and I am HIGHLY impressed with all of you doing it, esp ivyblossom and copperbadge. I <3 all of you and look forward to fangirling you shamelessly when you're famous authors.
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