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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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The Goldfish Are Shaped Like Starfish. What Insanity Is This?

* I am safe and alive at Jemz's house, in Jemz's bed. Why yes, if you were wondering, that does indeed mean I'm downloading Coat West again. LOVE MISSION, YO.

* My back fucking hurts. What the hell.

* I continue to use old computer, although after a shower I may get ambitious and try to start moving things to the new computer. Or I may just go back to sleep, since Jemz is at work and I am in her comfy, comfy (defiled) bed.

* I want onigiri D:

* I totally just read awesome HSJ fic: The Loneliest Cloud in the Sky, Okamoto- and Hikaru-centric, gen. Laugh if you will, but it's sweet and about Ya-Ya-yah in places too, and you should read it.
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