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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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nevermind, i found a servicable one myself. I also found this slashtacular picture featuring dom!orli and yesmaster!viggo.

so that this is not blatantly a GIP, I will relate to you how in the Bahamas there were lots of signs for water sports. "WATER SPORTS: this way!"
"WATER SPORTS: half off!"
Wanted v. much to cackle until I died, but knew mom thinks water sports are things you do with snorkles (and perhaps you should, but I don't write that so I don't know), so I refrained.

and the reason I should not take drugs to fall asleep: I remember my dreams. Last night, I had a nightmare that my mother let religious fanatics into the house, the christian sort, and they threw me up against a wall, ripped my shirt off, and burned off my tattoo with a lighter.

it was so disturbing, I actually had to pull off my shirt to reassure myself the mousapelli was still there before i could go back to sleep. *whimpers*
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