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I Suppose There's Always Tenimyu

I really think my mother would dig J-dramas, I just haven't quite found the in yet to get her into it. She really likes medical dramas (like ER and House) and comedy, and romantic things. Maoh would be too dark for her, for instance. We tried one episode of Code Blue, but it was kind of boring. I'm hesitant to try HanaKimi, because I don't think she'll know enough about Japanese culture to make the harem parody funny, but otherwise it'd be perfect since it's sweet and funny. I might give Yukan Club a try? Do you think that would hold her (non-boyband) interest?

Any suggestions for what dramas I could tempt my mother with? I don't watch a lot of girly/romance dramas myself, so I thought I'd ask the flist.

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