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Yokan ga Suru

PLAYZONE 2009 DVD. *______________* so happy omg. It's close enough to the trip that I probably won't pre-order it, but I'm definitely looking forward to that. I love those ridiculous roller-skaters so goddamn much ♥

Every week by the end of the week I feel like I'm about get really sick and then sleep it off over the weekend, but yesterday I felt like things were really going downhill, and now I have this cough and my throat hurts like crazy. FAIL. no we can't be sick during the weekend! It's during the school week or nothing! My body is a stupid moron.

I think I sort of maybe know what I'm doing for NaNo, even though I'm not thrilled about it, so as soon as I pick a title and write some sort of terrible blurb I guess I'll make a filter post.

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