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Also I cannot breathe out of one nostril.

i did indeed go to the gym yesterday, and in fact I ran on the treadmill, for five solid minutes, which is about double the length I've probably ever run in a row ever before in my life. my knees and everything else were all stiff and sucky after that, but I was like, whatever, there's your goddamn 500 calories burned. i will just take some advil like a grownup.

Today at lunch:
special ed teacher friend (who runs a lot): "oh yay! See, you're getting stronger! I bet the gym'll definitely start paying off suddenly."
me: "i gained two pounds this morning."
setf: "...what. come on, no you didn't."
me: "we can't talk about this anymore or i'm going to cry in public. again."

seriously, what the hell. I have been so good for weeks and weeks and I am so sick of it and the gym and counting things and everything. i don't understand why this is entirely impossible and I've really fucking had it.

I called off school tomorrow because I haven't been sleeping enough/well since the beginning of the week and i feel like I am going to seriously flip the fuck out if even one more person or thing is annoying in any way. like my department, only 3 of who showed up to my department meeting this afternoon. or the parent who i stayed after school to get their kid's project who was 40 minutes late. or cereal which i have been eating for lunch every. fucking. day.

and now i'm going back to the gym. which i hate. and which is useless. so that tomorrow i can sleep in my bed and not have to go there and do things I hate for the 42nd time so far this year.
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