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if i had a cool new toy i could just dl the book

now i have 2 water bottles of dead gnats and still no iphone. sadface D: apparently my options are put down $300 for one or wait until mid-november, neither of which I find terribly desirable. i just want a new toy like my cool friends D: D: D: actually something even seems to be up with AT&T's website so I can't even stare longingly at the iphone right now.

so i paid my credit card instead. that wasn't as fun as oogling iphones.

the tv just seriously put up an ad right this second about upgrading to an iphone. *cries* i want to but you won't let me! thanks also for that text message telling me to upgrade, AT&T. that's super classy of you.

I just finished reading Catching Fire, which is unfortunate because I haven't bought the third book yet, but that's probably best cause the other thing I haven't done is finish my FQF fic which I had to beg for an extension for like a tool because i made it up to 4k without any porn yet. I have to say though that the book was the best thing that happened today by a long shot.

oh well. done with training! Totally off tomorrow!
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