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Pornish_Pixies hits 1000!

as most of you have probably notes the flist spam, pornish_pixies has reached 1000 watchers, and we're having a little sexplosion of smut to celebrate!!!

so you thought i haven't been writing anything, but really i've been doing all of this goodness (everything here is NC-17, obviously, since it's appearing on Pixies):

A Few Of My Favorite Things (Harry/Ron/Hermione): Hermione and Ron try to guess what Harry's favorite thing about spring is. not very hard, though.

The Warm Fuzzies (Sirius/Peter): Scratchies while in animagus form never fail to cheer. Inspired by some accidental Sirius/Wormtail that blacknarcissus2 and I RPGed, much to scriblix's horror.

Not For the Faint of Art (Seamus/Dean): Seamus is an IRA reject, but revenge is sweet. The follow-up to Seamus' little cameo in my fic "What Exactly ARE the Duties of a Head Boy?".

Being Checked Twice (Remus/Sirius/Harry): Remus is trying to make a grocery list, but Sirius and Harry are having none of it.

also: the second season of Law & Order is out on DVD! Why did no one tell me!
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