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back in the hinterlands

Well, I'm back (christina, I left a message with Dr. Wolfgang that I arrived safely). It takes 5 1/2 hours to get from Burlington VT to Purchase NY if you wanted to know. And you pass a construction site with huge orange signs that say "Freshly Oiled Cracks". *is five*

I'm ridiculously glad I went in the end, because honestly I'm not going to be young and insane enough to do this sort of crap for much longer, and I had a riotously good time.

It all began with me arriving at meupatdoes's barn. When i pulled into the lot, a pack of wild dogs descended upon my car, and tried to climb inside when i opened the door. Upon actually entering the barn, i attempted to ask for christina, only to discover that 95% of the non-christina people only spoke spanish, and gave me directions that sounded like "donda esta porquay enchilada tequila" while mariachi music blared 'AY YI YI YI YI' in the background. But I did find her, and the horse she is riding/trying to sell, and the horse was very pretty.

and then i was an hour late to meet musesfool, which i felt really bad about, because that was an entire hour that could have been spent torturing some waiter in the city and discussing Sirius in leather! Victoria waited for me with incredible patience and we didn't even get kicked out, as she has mentioned. Although, judging by my math skills, we should have Franked it. Or possibly let Miss Nancy get it.

And then, the impetus for the entire trip, we saw the Inuyasha movie! which was something of a shock, because i was pretty convinced we were going to get there and the movie theater would tell me i was on crack and they had no idea what I was talking about.

And christina had no idea what she was getting into of course. it was sort of like when i told ellen that Kill Bill was about "women empowerment". When we showed up at the theater at 7:45 for the 10 pm movie, there was already a line halfway down the block. We got a large pizza from a nearby pizzaria and sat on the sidewalk to eat among the Inu freaks, who i have to admit were intelligent enough to bring books. I really wanted to make a phone post, but have no idea how to do it, and ellen wasn't around when i called, so i couldn't ask.

and we made it in! Let me reiterate here that if you knew christina at all, you would know that it's probably warping the space-time continuum that she sat on a sidewalk with me for two hours in order to see anything, much less an anime movie. Also, it's blatantly the most brilliant thing VIZ could ever do to show this movie for free in a bunch of places right before the DVD goes on sale. It can only be doing good things for their fanbase.

then finally, we saw the movie itself! I was really pleased with the whole experience. The crowd was great too, they clapped and hooted for every character's first appearance, and shrieked with glee at every shmoopy Inuyasha/Kagome moment. Which i could make fun of, if I hadn't gone "EEEEEE!" right along with them when he sucked the blood off her injured finger, all casual like there was nothing weird about it. There was a bit of more subtle sango/miroku as well, and even a "will you bear my children?". Hee!

The movie was essentially like a really long episode, which means it was perfect. There was about the same percentage of action/bickering/slapstick/angtsy romancing/ass-grabbing/whatever else. Maybe a bit more action. I've heard people complaining about the art, but i really thought it looked great on the big screen. And they did give a little synopsis of what the show is about, so even Christina said she had no trouble following, except for a few sudden superpowers ("ah, i will pull petals from my hair and blow on them and they will become razors! or fire! or poison! or whatever the hell i want!").

And the scene at Kagome's home, where her grandfather was in the background the whole time repeating "OH SPIRITS OF THE SKY, PLEASE STOP THE SNOW FROM FALLING" continously for ten minutes had the whole audience in hysterics.

They really did a good job of having everybody appear, even if they didn't play a big part in the plot. Sesshomaru, Rin, and Jaken had several scenes that were not strictly necessary, but were really entertaining. That raccoon guy Miroku threatens once in a while popped up, Kikyo comes in and out, Kaede's around, they did a good job. In fact, i have to say that the only running gag or scene that was missing was that there were no fanservicy bathing scenes (sorry ramen_addict. We did get to see Sango change into her armor though.

What I really liked though? the little scene at the very end with Inuyasha and Kagome sitting on either side of the God Tree, and Inuyasha is kwi-ing Buyo's ears just like everybody always does to him. I thought that was just the cutest damn thing ever. I must hunt up a screenshot of that for a wallpaper. ETA: found one! so cute!

so now i just have to decide whether i'm going to ask for the movie for christmas, or buy it myself and ask for Season 1 for christmas. hmm.

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