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because i love coming here at 8 am, really

so, during my 8 am Latin Prose Comp Class this morning, the professor looks me right in the eye and is like "you've taken this before, haven't you." and when i say yes, she goes "well, you shouldn't be taking this."

so then i asked what i should be taking, pointing out that i had already asked what i should be taking and they said THIS, and she tells me to ask someone else about Roman Civ.

So I go to ask the other professor what Roman Civ even is, and he's like "oh, the rise of the roman empire, and first century Rome" and when i say that I've taken History of Ancient Rome and a bunch of seminars already, not to mention taking latin for NINE YEARS, he says "you'll be bored to tears".

So in short, nobody knows what i should be taking, there doesn't seem to be anything that I have to take that I haven't taken already, and my advisor (who i've been told is not so advisorial) is not here on Wednesdays.

There's something seriously wrong with the fact that now I'm begging people to let me keep the 8 am class.
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