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a Mulciber update

The rat has been kind of mopey the last few days. I think he's lonely because i've been spending so much time at school. tonight he's spent the whole evening curled up right beside me, and looking up at me balefully if i stop petting him.

Much like this:

He's limping again too. It's not serious, it comes and goes once in a while. He'll just stop using his one back foot for a day or two. It doesn't look any different from his other foot, and he doesn't act like it hurts when i poke it.

I've been thinking about getting him a hetero life partner to ease the boredom of his days alone, and to curl up with during the long Vermont winters. Anybody successfully introduce new rats to a spoiled male rat of roughly 1 year of age?

I can just see me at the petstore: "excuse me, my rat needs to snorfle your rats to see if there is a potential hetero life partner among them."
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