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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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*pimps self*

I created a community! Gives you quite a sense of power, doesn't it?

The other night, musesfool and I were talking about how Remus' attitude is one of "Abandon ship!", and then we thought that would be a great name for a community where people talk about 'ships they've outgrown.

Therefore, I bring you abandon__ship (with two underscores)! A comm for people to reminisce about fandoms and ships past. Post a one-shot, display an entertaining bit of a WIP that was destined to remain incomplete, or link to a fic that you still love even after you've left the fandom.

Everyone is welcome, and you don't have to join to post. so go wallow in the nostalgia of loves past and show everyone else why you loved those characters.

And while you're there, volunteer a few more fandoms for the interest list or help the comm look a little less like crap...
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