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a comment about Inuyasha

So, i was watching tonight's rerun, and I noticed something odd.

This entire episode, people are acting like Kagome and Inuyasha are actually together. Not just Kagome's friends, who always think they're going at it, but like everybody.

Miroku says to Inuyasha that he shouldn't be 'running around on Kagome'.

Inuyasha himself says "I've decided I shouldn't see Kagome anymore, it would be wrong".

It's all a little odd. I mean, i know it's a romance on purpose, and I haven't seen every or even most of the episodes, but I thought it was still up in the air whether or not Kagome and Inuyasha were actually together. But can you really be running around on somebody you aren't with in some sense?

although, kagome's grandfather making pronouncements about 'boyfriend trouble' was really too cute.
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