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*hates on work study*

Somewhere on this campus, there must be one department looking for a student who is not work study. Damned if i can find it, but it must exist.

After talking to the third secretary in a row who was like "well, you aren't work study" i finally asked exactly when this whole work study fiasco draws to close. Apparently this goes on until mid-october. And that is when Sara, who had been up since 7 and already had two classes today that she has clearly outgrown, nearly had a crying jag right in the middle of the Human Resources office.

I don't want to go back to the library and talk to the guy for the fourth week in a row about whether he is going to hire me or not. I have talked to him four weeks in a row, and i don't want to talk to him anymore. if he would just say "i'm not hiring you, please stop bothering me and by the way you're ugly" i would send him a thank you card because i would not have to talk to him anymore.

I'm so frustrated, because i am flat broke and because I am bored in my classes, that I am starting to wish that i was the one temping, because then at least i could cheer myself up by buying myself legos or something.

but i cannot, because i am not work study.
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