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*digs up old entries*

I was digging through my old entries, looking for something i said to ellen months ago, and i came across this entry from last September:

"I've recently developed a taste for Inuyasha, the only one of the half dozen animes on Toonami that I don't find more or less interchangable with the others (except .Hack//sign). I was on the way to the shower yesterday, and I started watching while I was undressing, and then i just sat down on the floor naked because I HAD to know what happened."

I'd forgotten my Inuyasha fixation was that old. the power of a good cartoon, i suppose, demands your attention whether you are clothed or not. (been reading the manga, ramen_addict, if i didn't say before, but i'm only up to 5 because i am teh br0xx0rz).

The movie's out on DVD now *wants* Was so good. yay for impulsive NYC trip!
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