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ARR! I be sailin' under the colors o' the JOLLY ROGER!

So last night i undertook a project of vast importance: Making a pirate flag for my car! Did i accomplish it? WIND IN YOUR SAILS!

(that means yes, mostly). New icon to celebrate! *RAWWK!*

One torn up pillowcase and three black sharpies later, i do indeed have a Jolly Roger (which is the name of the flag and not the ship, i discovered) tied to my atenna. Ar HAR! oh, it's hot. How appropriate here in Lancaster, the city where you can't find anything unless you already know where it is.

Information and design for the flag was culled Here and subsequently here. The first site also informs us that:

"In many parts of the Caribbean, the "Jolly Roger" was the equivalent of a happy face: it meant the pirate ship was willing to take prisoners. The appearance of a red flag, however, signified no prisoners, and the pirates would slaughter crew and passengers to a man."

The equivalent of a happy face. Riiiiight.

Look what dipping_sauce gave me! PIMPAGE AHOY!
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