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a halloween update

I have a big red sheet. I think it can be made into my Inuyasha costume for halloween. *plots with the assistance of the art book* I think it can be managed with a minimum amount of sewing. New vocab for the night: Kariginu, haori, hakama. I finally understand how Inuyasha's clothes work! If only i had known BEFORE writing the smut...fandom is certainly making me more multicultural.

What I need yet: white cat ears, a sword, black yarn, the rosary necklace. And to figure out if there is an efficient and temporary way to turn my hair white without it going all stiff and nasty. *is proud of the natural inuyoukai bent the waist-length hair and bangs already have*

Unrelated: Taelin's Azkaban Art. Her Lupin breaks my heart, cause he doesn't look tragic at all. And her Peter...YESSSSSS! he's perfect! not creepyugly, just a normal pudgy guy. A little disney-fied, but gorgeous.
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