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maybe i am spoiled by livejournal, but i just do not understand why people can't behave themselves on message boards. I don't see why it is necessary to spell everything wrong and write in all caps and call other people ridiculous names. I just don't understand. Moreover, I fail to understand why people who hate a show hang about on boards about that show and then do nothing but whine about how it sucks. it's like going 'i'm not speaking to you! i'm not speaking to you!' or maybe 'IM 0NT SP33K!NG J00!' as the case may be.

I could resist the curiosity no longer, and braved some Animorphs fic on for no other reason than to say i had done it. It's every bit as bad as you fear. except the tobias/ax, which intrigued me. I think i may be too deep into teh Wrong Place to ever return.

the rat was nibbling my ibook cord again! He was very stealthy about it, so i didn't notice until he had already stripped off a chunk of the rubber. GRRR STUPID RAT! Nothing to do now but drop him back in his cage as punishment and get out the duct tape. *tapes angrily*

I'm giving bittorrent a shot for the first time *pokes* i figure there's about a 60% chance it will download what i want but then i won't be able to watch it, even though it claims it just needs DivX. Oh well, worth a shot.

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