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cooking with sara and ellen...

...feels a lot like Cooking with Brak some days.

So we tried to make shredded pork barbeque, and i had to pour in the BBQ and such after coming home from class (or, you know, skipping class, whichever), so I locate the bottle of BBQ sauce bought just for this purpose, and begin to pour it in. In the course of pouring, i rotated the bottle... see it read 'Steak Marinade', and thought that perhaps ellen, who has spent years avoiding meat and meat condiments should not have been in charge of procuring the bbq sauce, but it was far too late to stop pouring.

'eh!' said i 'it looks like bbq sauce and tastes roughly like it. it'll be fine!'

of course, after the meat soaking in the stuff for HOURS in the crock pot, just breathing in the aroma of it made the backs of our throats burn. but we ate it anyway! and we liked it! MMM STEAK MARINADE YUM YUM.

and it went so well with the lemon bars.
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