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the infamous friends meme

I gave in and did it. Here is the 'i have a crapload of friends complimented anonymously and nobody can really tell who they are and everyone is afraid to ask' meme.

Ellen, you are #1.

1—Ellen, this is you. You live with me. You have a rat. Your name is Ellen. You are on this list. I see you every single day. You are Ellen, and you are on this list.

2—your fairy tale retelling is the hottest goddammned fic EVER, and is the main reason why Harry/James/Sirius does not squick me like it does #31, even though Harry/James does. Double penetration is now one of my favorite kinks, and when twins are involved…well…

3—your wolf amuses me to no end. More than once while I was writing a log bit, I wondered 'what's the wolf going to think of THIS' and couldn't wait to find out. And yay for secret midnight practice sessions!

4—I don't know how you can possibly manage to keep your insanely prolific smut-life a secret from your family. Your tales of child-rearing crack me up. I read pairings of yours that I would never brave from any other author, but seeing twincest from you gives me that special tingle.

5—I have heard through the grapevine that you are the mun for one of my very favorite RPG characters, for whom I have actually written fic and has commented on some of my posts, which absolutely made my life.

6—motorbike icon. Hahahahahahaha. I was so intimidated when I got you as my Remix person, because you were almost the very first Remus/Sirius person I ever friended, but I adore the recent rash of r/s you've put on my flist.

7—it's all your fault I'm here. You said I should join LJ right at the very beginning, and I've been thankful and flattered every since. You encourage fandom to write well and thoughtfully, and one of the only Snarrys I have ever read was yours. You have always held BNF status in my mind.

8—you go in fits and starts on the livejournal, but I'm hoping you'll get back on to post about the new job. I miss Monday morning One-on-Ones with you! Find any good ponies lately?

9—you don't run in my crowd, but your evil triumvirate all appears on my Flist for some reason. Although your fic runs a bit dark for my tastes, it's always so interesting and thought-provoking, that I find myself reading odd things off your journal, just to see what you are up to.

10—I have no idea what that thing on your icon is, but I laugh a little every time I see. I like your memes, and I can't understand why they don't spread around more.

11—the glitter is All. Your. Fault. I remember reading Fairy Boys for the very first time last year and just wallowing in the hot and the pretty, and I have never been the same since. The eyeliner and the collars, all your fault. SYWTTYARB, all your fault. Letting me play glittery Sirius, so totally utterly all your fault. I can never thank you enough for it.

12—you in combination with #17 is very dangerous. I have a neopet named after you. Your drabble about Remus at a gay pub still hangs on my wall because it made me smile when I was so down about Marriage Protection Week.

13—I haven't really been fair to you. I'm angry with myself for letting things get weird after we had so much fun this summer. I liked being just friends with you much better. When I pass the graphic novels section at Borders I think of you, and someday I really will read Sandman. I think the rat misses you. I am too passive-aggressive to send you an email and tell you any of this directly.

14—glitterfic is the least I could do for the present I got in the mail from you a few weeks ago. I friended you long enough ago that I can't quite remember the circumstances, but I'm positive it had to do with Remus/Sirius.

15—I've had you friended for a long, long time. I love the fact that you were interviewed for an article and they referred to you as though your screenname was your first and last name. Thank you for putting a respectable face on fandom. I have an mp3 of you singing on my computer.

16—you are a doll for running the fic exchange again. While you tend to run in a darker-fic circle than me, I like to keep track of what you're up to because it tends to be interesting, even if I am not into it myself. You claim to dislike fluff, but I've seen you cave under the right circumstances.

17—what is there to say about you that hoards of fangirls have not already said? I first encountered you because of your faux term paper that made me howl with laughter in the middle of my summer job. I heart your Classicism, and use you to suck slash-wary people into fandom. Pajamas with Snitches on remains the cutest thing on the planet.

18—I refuse to give in to your twisted Canadian schoolboy slash. In no way was I planning to write some thanks to you while I was rereading the first book the other night. No no no.

19—I haven't really interacted with you once since discovering that you were on LJ, but I like seeing your posts on my flist because it means you are still alive and kicking. It might amuse you to know that my mother still asks me about Leon Barrett. Raspberry Jello!

20—you rec like a mad reccing thing, and whenever I do something clever enough to make it onto your list, I know that I have done something really good. Thank you for making sure the really good entertainment doesn't pass us by!

21—Lemme get a um…a nacho…where Martin at? Martin wouldn't pay no four fidy for no popcorn! Timmy! Timmy Timmy! Fa Mulan! And in conclusion, Woman, where is my super suit?! I miss working with you so much…

22—I can't get used to your new screenname. I'm so pleased I got to meet you and squee next to you at PoA Neville, and you are every bit as cute in person as you are online. We miss you, but fandom will be here when you return.

23—I've talked characterization with you a time or two, and always come out of the discussion smarter than I went in. Your statuary icon always makes me smile with a bit of Classicist glee.

24—this list is all your fault because I couldn't find me on yours. Our discussion of Remus' characterization and emotional capacity forever changed the way I write him in fic, especially as an adult. Your comments on characterization in general are always thoughtful and interesting.

25—I accidentally slashed my RPG character with yours once, much to #45's horror. I miss the plotting! Your Peter has amused me endlessly, and because of it I never let myself write a Marauderfic without him being right there as a true marauder.

26—your usual icon once inspired a very strange drabble from me, which still makes me giggle every time I see the icon. Gurgle! I fail to understand how someone so sweet could write such excellent darkfic.

27—you wrote me seamus/dean during my 24 hour ficathon, for which I was eternally grateful in my shagged out state. I don't see you around much, but you usually have something worthwhile to say.

28—rats! RATS! Yours are much more squirmy than my floppy little loser, but they are indeed the best and most affectionate pets ever. I'm glad you're feeling better!

29—hope fandm is not too boring without me and #1. Someday you will write the Dawn/Conner. The VLC worked like a charm, by the way!

30—I haven't seen you around much of late, but your recs have sent me to places and fics I would never have found on my own, and I am grateful.

31—I wrote SONGFIC to amuse you, which should express the depths of my love for you. There is no one I would rather talk to at 2 am when both of us should be in bed, and no one who deserves more to come home from work to find lizardking!Sirius sprawled across her couch. Give my ass tea!

32—we were a fandom unto ourselves during high school, and someplace in my room those letters from 'mulder' are still lurking about. I frequently tell people about how I had to watch the X-files movie one frame at a time to prove to you they really kissed. I miss Roar. I miss the DDEB. I may now be living in the one place on earth where it snows more than in lockhaven.

33—the most amusing thing ever was us doing each other's fics during merry_smutmas last year, and I smile fondly on the eyeliner fic I received as a result. I don't see you around much anymore.

34—you wrote the Seamus/Dean drabbles that made me so happy last summer, and founded my eternal love for the pairing regardless of how little fic there is to fuel it. I adore the officespace!Draco on your site, and your broom-pleasuring icons. I miss seeing you around more.

35—you draw in fandoms that I don't really know anything about, but I click the link anyways because it's so pretty. I wish I had the artistic talent in my entire body as resides in your itty bitty pinkie toenail.

36—haha, my chair tried to kill you! But then your TV got it on with my head…I still can't believe you sat on the pavement with me for two hours to see a movie you knew nothing about, but I'm so happy that you did. Dinner and a movie in NYC for $8! Law and Order, nor the Olympics, are the same without you.

37—there is not enough Harry/Sirius/Remus in this fandom, but you are doing your best to remedy the situation, and although beastiality doesn't usually do it for me, yours doesn't send me screaming for the hills. I'm waiting anxiously for the next looooong fic of yours, because you share my dislike for posting WIPs.

38—it's at least partially, if not entirely, my fault that you have your screenname. Stupid Greek genders! You are so poised and graceful in person, even if underneath is lurking the hardcore bitch who could keep an entire building of freshmen under control. And twins!

39—you drew me some glitter art, once upon a time, and have only done one or two fics to my knowledge, but should do more. I am jealous of your recent vacation.

40—your constant mockery of wank amuses me to no end.

41--I've had you friended since just about the very beginning, and I still adore your House icons. You share a great many of my non-HP fandoms, much to my amusement.

42—oi, give me back my kohl pencil! Your compliments after our first moonlog touched me, and they are still taped up on the wall above my computer.

43—I don't talk with you much, but your posts amuse me, and I see your influence often on icons around fandom, especially one that #1 uses all the time.

44—your ridiculously gorgeous art is framed in an absolut ad on my desk, and you share my boundless love for marauders in general and glittermarauders specifically. I can't even wait to see the end result of your current plotting, because being on the in over AIM was so amusing.

45—I miss our best mate plotting sessions, but it makes me smile to see you visiting with #11 and #25 all the time. You taught me the word 'wankstain', which is my favorite swear ever. No one should ever give you a jar of green stuff that sticks anything to anything.

46—your lamp is sitting on my desk right now, and everybody who sees it tells me how much they love it. I miss tutoring you, but you seem like you're healthier this year, and I am glad. I am jealous you are taking the last Houser class ever.

47—having you stay up with me while I finished posting SYWTTYARB is one of my fondest fandom memories, and you are still picking my nits to this day. You share the Inu-love with me as well! Which makes me so happy since most of my flist avoids anime likes it’s the plague. Play. Ay. Aaaaay. Guh. Guh-uh.

48—mmm, tea! I friended you for something related to R/S, I remember dimly, but your Tom Felton news often brings a smile to my face.

good lord, what a struggle. enjoy :)

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  • Chocolate Box 2019 Letter

    Thanks for writing for me! I hope you got something you wanted to do! About Me I'm Mousi and I've been around since HP fandom in like 2003 (god…

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