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ooh, the clex, the CLEX!

So i'm watching the Smallville episode "Red Means Stop", the one where Clark's class ring makes him all whacked out (ellen called him 'butch').

OMG, the Clark/Lex scenes have Ellen and I in hysterics. When Clark even rolls in, in his crazy duster, and the camera pans up and down with Lex's eyes sloooooooowly and then is like "I didn't know backbones came with those coats". And then when he even shows up to ask Lex to run away to Metropolis with him?

"Clark Kent and Lex Luthor? Hmm, I like the sound of that."

Ellen was like "Watch Clark's eyes right here, as Lex goes by, there they go, right to the ass!"

*dies of the slash, not to mention Clark on a motorcycle*
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