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My amazon package finally got here! Inuyasha movie! so shiny! I was standing beside the mailbox making little 'ee! eeee!' noises and the girl next to me started edging away...

In slightly less legal news, I finished watching Gravitation today. I wanted to not watch them so fast at the end cause i didn't want it to be over, but then last night and this morning I just kept watching them.

So. Fucking. Cute. EEEEEEE! It's fun watching the dubbed versions, because i know a handful of Japanese words now from fic and just randomly, and once in a while i can catch what people are really saying. My favorite part in the whole run (or the part i squealed loudest during anyway) was when Yuki told the news reporters that Suichi was his boyfriend, but I definately heard him say 'koibito' and understood what was going on. I was like "WOOT I AM SO MULTICULTURAL!" (stop laughing ellen)

You would think that the hot pink hair and the constant shouting and crying of Suichi would have begun to grate on my nerves after a handful of episodes, but much like Yuki, i was puzzled by my affection for him. And if the episode didn't end with him getting cuddled, I felt cheated on his behalf (but let me tell you, that was only a problem maybe three times).

The end of the series was a little bit of a disappointment, cause it seemed like they just stopped rather than had a story arc they reached the end of, and also because it ended without Yuki actually coming home. So I was glad I had the OVAs to watch as well, wary though i was of the OVA reputation for being crap. The OVAs were...a bit different. The coloring on a lot of the characters was different (and not as good in my opinion). The pink hair for instance, had darkened to red, and Hiro's red (so pretty!) had gone to brown. People's eyes, which was the thing i noticed most about the animation, were more subdued, and there wasn't the cool mix of animation and real photos going on in the background.

but it did sort of give it the sense that some time had gone by and Suichi had grown up a bit in between. which, you know, woot for that, cause it meant there was getting it on in the end. Of course, lech that i am, i hadn't realized that they weren't getting it on the whole time. Randomly, i was glad they had saved it, cause it made the end so adorable, yuki's little "well, i guess we'd better go to bed then". Can I say that i love the Japanese practice of putting the end of the movie actually after the credits? It makes me feel more closure about things.

So, I liked Gravitation a lot, a ton, but it was weird because i don't want to read the manga or anything. Usually i want to go back and look at the source of something i like so much, but i just feel like without the pretty and music, what's the point of Gravitation really? I'm impressed by the genius of the person who looked at the little black and white panels and said 'this could be great', just like i'm impressed with the person who read the Ringu graphic novel and said 'this could be the scariest fucking thing ever'.

up next: Witch Hunter Robin. Even more illicit, because i can actually watch these on the TV. and down the slippery slope i go...
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