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oh, just drop your pants.

There's some comments in here just for you, ellen...

Gacked from sociofemme

HP Book: Has to be Four. because it's after we learn about the Marauders, but before everything goes to hell. And there's Cedric.
HP Character: The Twins. "I love blowing up some stuff...making First Years Bleed....Making swamps in the hall...and TWINS!"
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Teacher: Trelawny, cause we all need that after lunch nap.
Creature: phoenix
Candy: the Beans. "Mine's Speckly, what does that mean?"
Book Cover: PoA, cause of the Hippogriff
Quote or Phrase: "If you ever do decide to Seek for the other team, Potter, I've got a broom you can ride." -- Draco
Chapter: The Yule Ball, whatever that chapter is, because it ends with Ron spluttering "But...well...completely missed the point!"
Marauder: Sirius. Mmmmm...
Weasley: Twins again.
Type of Owl: Snowy
Sorting Hat Song: The ones that call Hufflepuffs big fat losers. Take that, Ellen.
Muggle/Squib: Figg. I give a Figg!
Dragon: Norbert!
Member of the Order: Bill. "They don't give a damn how I dress at the bank!"
Hogsmeade Shop: Flourish and Blotts, Ellen! I can't believe you didn't know that! Hang your head in SHAME!
Favorite Magazine or Newspaper: The Quibbler. the other ones suck.
Color Dress Robe: Emerald Green
Invisibility Cloak Event: *Stuck in the step with Snape only a breath away...sigh.* I have to agree, but only because playing the Pants Game with that passage made me cry with mirth. "Just wait till i tell Dumbledore how your mind jumped immediatly to Potter's Pants, Snape!"
Death Eater: Karakov. That's who i was in the quiz.
Obstacle in the Philosopher's Stone: The puzzle of the mirror itself. I'mm still arguing with some people about exactly how that worked.
Wand Type: Willow, rather swishy, excellent for transfiguration.
Spell: Solve Funiculum.
Unforgivable Curse: Crucio.
DADA Teacher: Quirrell, for the slash potential. ("S-s-s-nape? Would you r-r-r-roger me up the b-b-b-bum?")
Gryffindor: Colin, i think. He and Dennis make me *squee* every time.
Ravenclaw: Penelope. Kick Percy's ass, you!
Hufflepuff: Cedric. the Hufflepuff's one chance at heroics.
Slytherin: Pansy Parkinson, because writing her shamelessly trying to win Draco's heart is effing hilarious.
Ghost: Nearly Headless Nick. Oh Baby.
Centaur: Firenze, cause he's the only who isn't evil.
Quidditch Position: Keeper. If he doesn't block the damn Quaffles, there's no point in you catching the Snitch, is there?
Skiving Snackbox: I crave BLOOD.
Pensieve Memory: Snape's, because i heart PPMR.
Harry or Ron: Ron.
Ron or Hermione: RON.
Hermione or Cho: Hermione, although both have made a Gryffindor male very, very stiff.
Cho or Ginny: Ginny.
Dumbledore or McGonagall: Dumbledore, because Ive GOT to know what the woolly sock thing is all about.
Snape or Lucius: Snape. Because he writes such moving poetry.
Sirius or Lupin: tie. Like H/D down below, they are hottest when together.
Draco or Tom: Draco. It's no fun that he looks like that if he isn't reall an ass.
Draco or Harry: tie. Plus, they're hottest when they're trying to not be together as hard as possible. *snerk* I said 'hard'.
Snape or Sirius: Sirius. I can't handle bad hair.
James or Sirius: Sirius. FLYING MOTORBIKE, PEOPLE!
Fred or George: Fred, who never remembers to clean the cauldron after making the erotic sparklers (TICKLED UP THE BUM!)
Molly Weasley or Arthur Weasley: Molly, because she can kill you with a spatula.
Seamus or Dean: Seamus.
Fleur or Cho: Cho. QUIDDITCH BITCH! mmm-mmm...
Fudge or Umbridge: Fudge. But only because it makes the phrase 'fudge-packer' so hilarious.
Harry or Hermione: Harry. Heissotwisted!
Hedwig or Crookshanks: Hedwig, of course! He doesn't eat rats. Well, okay, he probably does. but there isn't any canon proof for that! It's all fanon!
Uncle Vernon or Aunt Petunia: Aunt Petunia.
Moody or Tonks: Tonks, because you can make great icons of her thanks to Pink.

Is it bad that my favorite quote is from my own fanon? *shrugs*

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