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do you make the invisible tea yourself?

I subjected Ellen to Gravitation, and she squealed in all the right places *pets unbuttonedshirt!Eiri*. The sad thing is, watching things on my ibook full screen is actually better than watching things on my TV *sighs* It would be hot to make a gravitation mood theme, cause everybody's so freaking pretty.

I didn't know you had to tell VLC to play subtitles, so I watched an episode of Yami no Matsuei without them to try and figure out if it was worth fooling with. Obviously, i don't speak Japanese, so i was making up dialouge in my head to amuse myself. One scene in particular involved two people (one of them invisible) doing nothing but drinking tea, so I've got this elaborate thing going that's like "and how is your invisible tea?" "It is very good, where do you get it?" "it comes from the labor of my many peasants in the fields, their sweat flavors each leaf."

Imagine my amusement when I watched it again subbed, only to discover that the entire conversation really WAS about nothing but the tea. I AM SO MULTICULTURAL (stop laughing ellen)

mmm, four hours of yaoi, rain, and a rat grooming my head. Life is good. (except for that damn latin test tomorrow at 8 am >.<)
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