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a brief announcement

I haven't been very fannish lately, or at least not HP fannish. Sorry. I notice many of you having the same problem. Not that it's a problem exactly, but I feel like i have tricked you all here with promises of puppyslash and then failed to deliver.

As I delve through various animes, this will probably be a continuing trend for a bit, so I thought i should issue a warning. If the RL stories and smattering of various fandoms (HP included) are enough to amuse you, good times. If not, no hard feelings.

I'm still reading HP things and talking about stuff with people, I just feel like i haven't exactly got my finger on the pulse of fandom (or the crotch of fandom, as it were).

Just, you know, thought I should put that out there. I like reading about the non-HP things you guys are into, so maybe some of you will derive enjoyment from my forays into the provinces of fandom.
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