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Today during Greek class

Professor: we need to get to the end of this book of the Odyssey cause of the test Monday, so we have to clip through this translation. *does two lines*
Student: What's going on with this one niggly word?
Professor: *expounds at length*
Same Student: What's going on with this other niggly word?
Professor: *expounds lengthierly*
Same Student: Wait, what was that first word again?
Different Student: What's going on with this one verb tense?
Professor: *argues with student for minutes on end*
Professor: all right, let's have someone translate *does ten lines himself*...does someone want to take over? *does ten more lines* somebody else should do this *does ten more lines*
Sara: *attempts to puncture carotid artery with pen*
Pen: *isn't sharp enough*
Class: *finally ends*
Professor and Students: *refuse to stop talking*
Sara: *packs up things loudly*
Students: *Block doorway while discussing something pointless*
Sara: *considers screaming "HULK SMASH CLASSICS DEPARTMENT" but restrains self*

I'm giving a shot, since the real blockbuster never really has what i want to see anyway. At the moment I'm watching some random sailor moon episodes (it's randomly the ones where they meet Uranus and think she's a guy [must call kaeti to laugh]), and snickering because the names of their superpowers are so stupid. I watched for five minutes before Sailor Moon's voice was SO IRRITATING that i had to switch it over to the Japanese subtitled side.

I think that makes me officially a snob.
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