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the long-promised photo meme

okay, i finally have all my shit together, and figured out how to use my uvm webspace (hahahaha, internet pirates AHOY PREPARE TO BE BOARDED) so here at last are a bunch of things for the photo meme:

isiscolo wanted: a picture of the Ferry and a picture of the harbor (actually she wanted boats, but this is the best i could do).

dipping_sauce wanted: a picture of the library, and the classics building, and the fountain on campus, and gets the statue that seems to glare at you when you go into the classics dept as a bonus. and also our grad office.

for fantomeq, swimchica623, and rikibeth: the rat chilling out on my bed, what the rat does all day when i am at class, and the rat trying to steal Ellen's brother's Jack Daniels.

In addition, here are the flying monkeys on top of a town building, the tollbooth going into Canada, a blurry shot of the Montreal skyline, and also something interesting on a doorway near the harbor.

tell me if you have any trouble seeing them, i think have all the permissions kinks worked out (that sounded kind of dirty).
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