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a successful weekend

I am not ready to be back in Burlington. I am not ready to have class tomorrow. I do not want to do my homework. Why am i not still at home, in the land of translucent pyramid games and ring bologny?

here are some pictures of what we were up to:

meupatdoes and i stole the sign from the Classics Department table, modeled here with her, hetaira9 and mattyweav. Christina and i then took the sign on the road to the Alumni Revue ala Amelie gnome.

Then, the night of the Arts House party, halloween costumes were busted out. mattyweav went as a serta sheep, which was totally my suggestion. sociofemme was a (predictably) slightly slutful Hufflepuff who got five points for her house from someone for doing something that she refused to articulate to me. hetaira9 (same picture) was Velma Kelly from Chicago (ow OW!). Here, while in costume, Matt, Katharine, and Beth all peer derisively at the current issue of the Dispatch. bonysplicer appears as Clark Kent in the throes of stripping and reports that in the bedroom reports of being faster than a speeding bullet are not your friend.

and finally, as long promised, there is me in the Inuyasha costume! Isn't it hot?! My mom helped me sew the pants together and finish everything up, and then the ninja sword came from the dollar store. The necklace is made out of model magic. The ears look a little silly cause i could only find black cat ears, so we covered them over with tissues.

the rat survived his two days of solitude, sustaining only psychological damage. Since i saw the Grudge, i suppose we're even.

PS--sociofemme just called to say her flight's been delayed, but she should be back sometime tonight, if you were wondering where she'd disappeared to.
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