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the world has gone wank

listen, maybe it's just because i need a nap so very badly, but this pisses me the hell off:

Zambia refuses food aid from UK because of genetically modified crops

I'm sorry, but are you STARVING or aren't you? "No, we don't want THAT food, give us better food." It's AID for chrissake, maybe you should take what you can get and shut your damn native mouths. OR MOVE OUT OF THE DAMN DESERT.

And also, Laurell Hamilton has apparently said that people shouldn't fic her characters, although i can't dig up any confirmation on that. My theory on this is that as writers begin to suck mightily, they can't bear the mirror of fanfiction being held up to their shoddy constructs. Jealousy is also perhaps a factor.

So I will console myself with the news that Rupert Grint (the HAIR! *squee*) has kept the rats from Poa as pets beause he liked them so much.
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