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There is something shiny on your shirt

I finally got a chunk of time to watch a few more Kyou Kara Maou's today, bringing my grand total up to 5. OMG SO CUTE.

the whole contact scene had me snickering mercilessly, cause it was so out of place but then so accurate. Obviously it would be stuck to your shirt :) I was additionally excited for pirates, although i was puzzled by their skirts. I guess if nobody ever looks up into the rigging, it's okay...

and Wolfram's little jealous streak was too cute. "Dancing with a girl? what do you MEAN you were in a pool with naked men?!" of course all wounds are healed by responses like "you're like three times the cute of me." *snuggles Yuuri*

and, yay for fansubs, but, er, is Yuuri April or July? Cause i was all excited at first for shared april birthdays, and then they changed their story.

thanks again for these, laylah! my week needs some up. Also it needs some happy anime icons. I did make myself some Hisoka/Tsuzuki wallpapers though.
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