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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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goodness all around

I drew Mulciber with some Froot Loops! this artpad business is wicked fun.

went to the mall solely to get earrings...ended up with cartilige pierced. will be very cool when i can change it to something that isn't a stupid ball. Ellen reports that i am insane. My hair keeps getting tangled around the backing, so i'll be sporting some interesting hairdos for the next few days. The One-Sided Clip, for instance.

Watched some more KKM. I laughed my ass off during Yuuri's 'Good cop, ridiculous cop' routine, not to mention all the ways they tried to get the crown off Gwendal. Wolfram's little jealous streak grows ever wider ("Stop asking those girls unnecessary questions! and no cute boys!"), and their little heart-to-heart about older brothers was too adorable. That's it, i'm making icons. There must be anime cuteness!

My Gargoyles DVDs just hit the 'City of Stone' run. Mmmm, backstory.

Back to NaNoWriMo for me. Earlier i was trying to send the guys to the cafe, and i kept typing 'cage'. apparently the slash will be started earlier than anticipated.
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