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the smoking gun (no smoking in the lab, please)

I am holding in my hand right this second incontrovertible proof that you cannot in fact get a Latin MAT (or an anything MAT) at UVM in two years. It's impossible. Five semesters is the best you can do.


I'm a little bit upset. I should be a lot upset, except i already knew that I was going to run out of funded credits about 24 credits too soon, so the rage at being LIED TO MY FACE has been mostly internalized by now.

Meanwhile, the Classics dept (Motto: "Eh, whatever you're doing right now is probably fine") cannot get together a schedule of what i need done for them when. So now the question is, what's the goal of all these latin credits? why didn't i just enter the education program to begin with? Should i just drop the classics bit and just get the teaching degree so i finish out on time?

I could've got emergency certified in PA for free and had a job by now. grad school is bullshit.
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