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Just what are you plotting?

So, as week two of NaNo draws to a middle, I find that my plot of Adam and Steve hooking up after double-date mishaps is a bit lacking. The solution clearly lies somewhere within this poll:

Poll #382295 NaNoWriMo plot

Should there be a plot besides the progress towards the boylove?

Yes, please. The rat is cute, does not a novel make.
What? No! Boylove is all that is necessary!
Eh, either way. It's just an excuse to string a bunch of personal anecdotes anyway.
I don't care either way, i'm not reading your non-fandom drivel!

What should the plot consist of?

Steve is secretly a master jewel thief planning a heist of the biggest diamond in Vermont, the Green Mountain. When Adam discovers his dark past, will Adam make his daring escape or has Steve already stolen his heart?
Adam runs low on rent money and gets tangled up with the mob. Can he win enough money to pay off his debts by entering the rat in the illegal rat fight championship?
Steve contracts a mysterious and possibly fatal disease as an epidemic sweeps across Vermont. Will Adam finish his molecular biology degree in time to find a cure?
Adam enters a talent show with the rat as a joke and ends up being signed for a record deal. Can his nascent relationship with Steve stand the strain of a national tour?
Er, I have a real idea. It's in the comments.

Thanks to ramen_addict for the Yuki Bunny icon :)
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