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more like "Should Have Done" than "To Do"

Greek Presentation: Done. Set to give tomorrow. handout involves headings like "sometimes these verbs get lonely and go on dates".

NaNo: Started over. With plot! but am back at word 2000. but dammit if i am deleting the 11000 words i wrote previously. they so totally count. Adam is being roughed up currently. Not by Steve, unfortunately.

Latin test tomorrow: hahahahahahahahaha. ha. haha. Caesar's easy right? studying to commence at 0800 hours. if by studying, i mean reading the english really fast.

MAT degree: received email from Education dept woman saying she isn't sure if it's ethical for me to take four ed classes and TA for classics at the same time. am irate.

TV: playing an encore of FMA. Well, somebody had to throw me a bone here.

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