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I can't believe i'm excited for next week's Yu-Gi-Oh!

So i just happeneed to watch the new Yu-Gi-Oh! this morning and was once again overwhelmed by the slash.

the following things crack me up:

first of all, when somebody random was like "i've heard there are two yugi's" Tea, who's been with them the whole time, was like "no no, that's just the two sides of his personality." Total strangers can see that Yugi occasionally gets taller and talks in a much deeper voice and kicks people's asses, but his long time friends haven't quite got on the boat yet.

So then Dark Yugi actually lost a duel (!), the price of which was his soul. Cue Yugi leaping in and shoving him out of the way and sacrificing himself while Dark screams "NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

so when he wakes up, everybody else is like 'yay, you tricked him! everything's okay!' and Dark actually begins to cry while he screams 'EVERYTHING IS NOT OKAY' and he should have probably added "THERE ARE TWO OF ME YOU IDIOTS GET ON THE BOAT ALREADY" but instead merely reported in a tearful, broken whisper that Yugi was gone.

Dude, he sacrificed his soul and left the Dark Yugi housesitting his body. Why isn't anybody writing hella hot angstfic for this?!
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