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an afternoon of unimportant accomplishment

I meant to write. what did i do? spent three hours fooling around with wallpapers on But now i have all kinds of shiny new desktops! and a few i want to make yet. I'll post a few when I'm done, a couple people asked me about them. No Kyou Kara Maou though! I guess if you want something done right...

big squee though: I watched a two minute unsubbed, undubbed clip of a Yu-Gi-Oh! episode I hadn't seen yet, and I understood what they were saying. OMFGSQUEE! granted, they were saying things like "it's you! we did it, partner! Here you are!" but i don't care because it was Japanese and i understood! this is all by way of merely watching fansubs. who says cartoons aren't educational, ne?

and then i read something interesting about the difference between the Japanese dialouge and the english. actually details the differences between the original and the english cuts of episodes, and in the episode i was looking at, they detail a conversation between Yami and Yugi that is completely different in the dubbed version. In english, Yugi is just worried about whoever had stolen the puzzle before, and Yami says they'll fight it out together.

Turns out, what they are REALLY talking about is how Yami doesn't know who he is and can't answer any of Yugi's question. then Yami says he wants to be with Yugi always even if he doesn't get his memories back, and Yugi starts to cry and agrees.

hmmm. sounds to me like they were trying to de-slashify the series, even if it meant completely re-writing crucial sub-plots. Good thing that de-slashifying Yu-Gi-Oh! is IMPOSSIBLE. (i watched the new ones again this morning, and Yami won't even talk he's so depressed. Where is the hot angstfic?! Where?!).
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