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wallpapers of all sorts

I make some of the wallpapers that I use on my computer, and once in a while somebody asks me about one. So here's a dozen or so from different fandoms. Most of them are between 150-250k, but some are bigger due to the vagaries of photoshop.

Bite Me--Buffy and Angel with swords, plus the best quote describing their relationship EVAH. "Let me break it down for you, Fred..."

Bunnies!--Anya with her bit of the 'I've Got a Theory' song. What's with all the carrots?!

Calvin & Hobbes:
Calvin and Hobbes--several heart-warming (or pants-stealing) moments found in the panels of the best comic of all time.

Fifth Element
The Diva--why are there no diva wallpapers? she fucking rocks!

Wolf's Rain
Alone Wolf--Kiba looking fierce in front of his wolf's eyes. I love the way the text can read either 'a lone wolf' or 'alone wolf'.

Gorecki--Max and Liz holding up the convenience store in various shades of purple and blue. The text is from the song 'Gorecki' by Lamb, which i adore.

Fullmetal Alchemist
Redeemed--Ed and Al looking depressed, with an overlay of them trying to bring their mom back *sniffle*

Yami no Matsuei
Have Your Cake--Hisoka is irked by Tsuzuki's adoration of his dessert, but he gets a little back.

Tattoo--The shot from the theme song of Hisoka laying in Tsuzuki's lap with his curse tattoo uncovered.

Matsuei Moon--A screenshot of the very end of the series, with Hisoke and Tsuzuki staring at the moon amidst the cherry blossoms.

Gone--a shot of Rogue and Gambit from Xtreme X-men, with some lyrics from Switchfoot's Gone in the background. Very purple.

A Boy and His Guitar--Hiro with his guitar looking laidback and sexy. From a scan of the back of one of the mangas.

Yuki Window--Yuki looking out his window during the closing credits. The color isn't brilliant, but is Yuki's top jean button undone? why yes it is. Mmmmmm.

Mangled Puppies--A drawing I doodled after the Glitterverse RPed a run-in of Padfoot and Moony with Wolfnip. "Woah, I'm all furry and shit..."

Yamito Hikari--The text reads 'Dark and Light'. I love the look Yugi is giving you, and the little point towards Yami.

Ipod commercials
The Ponytail Ipod Girl--Is this a fandom? I love the blue headbanger girl during the 'Walkie Talkie Man' ipod commercial. Here's a cool collage of screenshots of her.

Rainbow Brite
Ravebow--I bought this t-shirt from hot topic and scanned it for this wallpaper. I love the way Blue Boy is macking it with both Shy Violet and Patty O Green.

Have i mentioned that I have 423 wallpapers? right.
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