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like a gem, only published

while doing research on modern critique of Greek tragedies (sweet jesus, could i be any more of a DORK), i came across a book called "No Turn Unstoned", which is a collection of reviews of horrific plays and acting jobs.

It's like reverse gems!

my favorite thus far, about an improbably staged King Lear goes like this:

"This decor, by Reece Pemberton, is fascinatingly bad. Where, the awestruck spectator asks, did Mr. Pemberton find that, and that? Why are the attendant soldiery strayed from the horde of Genghis Khan? Why are the wicked sisters got up like the boudoir ladies of Fuseli? Where, and why, did Mr. Pemberton come across all that fur?"

I'm so checking this out. Sam, you should publish yours, you'd be rich.
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