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If a Weasley breathes and there is no one to hear, does he still lose Gryffindor 10 points?

on an HP note, Carol told me today that her husband is at the point in Book 5 where Harry finds out he's not a Prefect. Carol asked him what a prefect was, and he said "that's like what Sara is at school."

Awww. *grins* Still a Prefect this year, though. Third year returner. No Big Head Girl, me.

And speaking of fics, here's a random plotbunny that seized me after i read Ellen's ten parter about Hermione and Millicent, which is going up on my fanfic page shortly.

“Ron, do you have my Transfiguration book?” Harry asked, stopping in the middle of the hall to rifle through his bag.

“No, of course not,” Ron replied, stopping as well.

“Bollocks, I’ve left it behind again,” Harry sighed. “I’d better run back and get it, I’ll catch up with you later.”

Harry trotted quickly down the by-now deserted hallway towards the Transfiguration classroom. As he reached the door, Harry realized it might be locked if McGonagall had already returned to her office, but when Harry touched the doorknob, the door moved slightly ajar.

“That’s odd,” he said to himself.

Shrugging it off as a careless student leaving last, Harry pushed open the door and stepped inside to get his book.

He was half a dozen steps into the room before he realized the classroom was not in fact empty.

Millicent Bulstrode, of all people, was standing in front of Hermione, who was sitting on top of her desk.

But Millicent doesn’t even have Transfiguration with us, Harry thought stupidly, before he noticed that Hermione’s robes were halfway down her shoulders, and if any mutual oral gratification was imminent, it wasn’t going to be the verbal sort.

“Aagh!” Harry exclaimed suddenly.

“Harry!” Hermione, noticing him for the first time, clutched her robes to her chest. “For god’s sake, get OUT of here!”

Harry was rooted to the spot in mingled horror and fascination.

“Potter,” Millicent growled, “get lost! NOW!”

Tearing his eyes away, Harry shot out of the room, at least having the presence of mind to snatch his book off his own desk before running out the door and slamming it behind him.

Harry leaned against the door heavily, trying to sort out what he’d just seen. Several days ago, Hermione had made some bizarre comment about how Millicent had begun ‘growing into her body’, but Harry hadn’t thought anything of it at the time. Harry fought the urge to snicker lewdly as he reasoned that Hermione must’ve had first-hand knowledge of Millicent’s body and it’s growing.

“Ron’s either going to be really upset,” he said out loud, “or ecstatic.”

“Mr. Potter, why are you lurking about my classroom?”

Harry jerked away from the door and stared in shocked horror at an impatient-looking Professor McGonagall.

“I…forgot my book?” Harry held up his book and tried to look innocent.

“Are you asking me or telling me?” McGonagall inquired, one eyebrow quirking.

“Er, telling you,” Harry flushed a little.

“Bravo, Mr. Potter,” McGonagall said. “Now, if you would kindly move out of the doorway…”

“No!” Harry exclaimed. “Uh, I mean, aren’t these your office hours? Shouldn’t you be, you know, in your office?”

“Not that I need explain myself to you, young man,” McGonagall pursed her lips, “but I am headed there directly. After I pick up the exams I’ve left in my classroom. Now, move.”

“But…” Harry thought quickly. “Peeves has been causing trouble near the Tower again, I think you had better go stop him!”

“And I think I will deal with it AFTER I retrieve my papers!” McGonagall crossed her arms and glared at Harry with the Look that had stopped dozens of Gryffindors in their tracks over the years.

“But, Professor,” Harry protested weakly, grasping at straws, “there’s probably a Weasley causing trouble somewhere in the castle! Don’t you think…”

“MR. POTTER!” McGonagall finally snapped. “I have NO IDEA what you could possibly be up to, but you are NOT going to stop me from going into MY CLASSROOM. TEN POINTS from GRYFFINDOR for being an insufferable FOOL. Now, STAND ASIDE!”

Harry meekly stepped aside, and McGonagall stormed past him, slamming open the door.

There was a shriek of surprise and a loud rustle of clothing, then Hermione and Millicent came pelting out of the door and down the hall, McGonagall’s furious voice chasing after them:


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