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*caves to peer pressure*

okay, here is the 20 ipod shuffle guess the lyrics meme. Warning for utter randomness. go ahead and guess, and get your name up in lights bold.

1.In music and love, and things you never tell/You see it in their face, secrets on the telephone

2. Never did we know/What the future would hold/Or that we'd be bought and sold
Innocent by Fuel, got by tattooed_soul

3. Have you come here for forgiveness/Have you come tor raise the dead?

One by U2, got by laylah and musesfool

4. Don't suffocate me, give me some space/Don't make me pay, for all her mistakes [oh man, shades of high school]

5. Safe to say from here,/You're getting closer now,/We are never sad cause we are not allowed to be

6. The electric man looks good today/Maybe not, well I'm trying hard/Trying hard to feel that way/The electric man's a good place to start
It Don't Hurt by Sheryl Crow, got by julianelupin

7.What is luck to me I don’t believe in fame/I guess you never heard/I bet the makers they don’t even know your name

8. I will see you in the light of a thousand suns/I will hear you in the sound of the waves
Sand and Water by Beth Neilson Chapman, got by meupatdoes

9. I'm losing my best friend/I can't believe This could be the end/It looks as though you're letting go
Don't Speak by No Doubt, got by musesfool, arseaboutface, and swimchica623

10. You never gave us a chance to be/And I don't need you to be by my side/To tell me that everything's alright
Running Away by Hoobastank, got by dementedsiren

11. Taste the saline rolling down your cheekbone/Tell me that you're alone, tell me on the telephone [god i love this song]
Down by Something Corporate, got by paradox01

12. She had a kid now But much too young/That baby daddy's out having fun
Hit That by Offspring, got by ramen_addict

13. In one moment I'm goin all the way/I make my poetry everyday.
Your Disease by Saliva, got by anandangel

14. when they pull you under/and i would give you any thing you want/you were all i wanted

15. You strut your rasta wear/And your suicide poem [it took me YEARS to figure these lines out]
Building a Mystery by Sarah McLachlan, got by thistlerose and julianelupin

16. He told his niece, Its Christmas Eve, I know our life is not your style/She said, Christmas is like Solstice, and we miss you and it’s been awhile
Christians and the Pagans by Dar Williams, got by the_boojum

17. though my heart feels all alone without you/I still hear you sing to me/I still hear your voice

18. Bend me, break me, Any way you need me/All I want is you
Paranoid by Garbage, got by aresaboutface

19. So I could be your garage band king/You could tell me why you just don't fit in/and how you're gonna be something
Punk Rock Princess by Something Corporate, got by ramen_addict and julianelupin

20. I've been living in your cassette, It's the modern equivalent/Singing up to a capulet On a balcony in your mind [HELLS yes]
Singing In My Sleep by Semisonic, got by hetaira9 and alpha_hannah
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