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An EXCLUSIVE interveiw by Rita Skeeter!

Rita: Rita Skeeter here, with an exclusive interview! I have with me here JKR’s two biggest stars, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy! They have a startling announcement for the entire wizarding community!
Draco: We’re gay.
Harry: With each other!
Rita: I thought you said this was a startling announcement?
Draco: *shrugs* Ehh.
Rita: So, there are rumors going around that you two are ready to go canon.
Draco: Oh, that’s all rot, we’re fanon all the way. Not like Sirius and Remus, those sneaky bastards.
Harry: Ourloveissoillicit!
Rita: I see…and what do two fanon fellows such as yourselves do when you aren’t starring in slash fics?
Draco: Oh, you know, the usual…we like riding our brooms, bondage, finding new uses for Snape’s office furniture…
Harry: and girls!
Draco: *tsk* NO, Harry, we don’t like girls, remember? That’s why we’re being interviewed?
Harry: Oh, right…
Rita: Riiight…say, don’t you two have some lovely pictures to show us?
Draco: Absolutely! We’ve decided to showcase our love through the medium of questionable photography.
Harry: I wanted to do Interpretive Dance.
Draco: Yes, we KNOW, but Lockhart was unavailable, remember? Anyway, we’ve done a session with Colin, and here are the best of the lot.
Rita: Thank god…even the Flamel Prize for Journalism isn’t worth this…

Some Questionable Photography, courtesy of Colin Creevey
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