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the home stretch

i am working on my very last assignment for finals week! woohoo! then i can sit around and write and watch KKM and FMA (finally!) and not worry about any of this bullshit for a whole nother month. yes, i said a whole nother.

meanwhile, the girl who is working Periodicals with me this morning has had the hiccups for the last half hour, and seems supremely unconcerned about it. she's driving me KAZOO. Perhaps it will lend my Latin essay on invective in prose a certain air of reality.

Odysseus' ship/Zeus' thunderbolt OTP!

Poll #401930 Worky Worky

should Sara work during break?

Free Movies+$+not in house+Steph/Jess/Kathy=obviously.
mmm, free time.
oh my god, now hiccup girl is shmoozing with her boyfriend >.
why aren't you writing your essay again?
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