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behind the times as usual

I did the flist swap with elvisfan05 who has a teensy managable flist *pets it like an eensy puppy* I learned the following:

--lauraspeak, who is also doing the flist exchange, has a friend who was joking about getting a college roommate that would turn out like Kathy in the BtVS episode 'Living Conditions', and then when she got her information actually has a roommate named Kathy.

--Economics is hard if you are the lone 'single mother' in a class of people paired off as married couples in that 'real life' experiment high schools do.

--Prom dresses are to be had in various colors and styles.

--and the pets page has been updated.

I somehow suspect that elvisfan05 may have been a bit out of her depth while peering at my flist. hope you all were nice to her, and the discussion of KKM and Elricest didn't give her nightmares.

still in the burg for another week before i go back to the frozen north, but i have been online slightly more. laylah, my brother and i have been watching FMA mercilessly and we've only got three cds to go. I sucked him in with promises of Winry airtime :)
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